The Nook Color makes for a great (and cheap) Android tablet when rooted. And now to go along with that is a fancy Clockwork recovery. If you're looking to expand the use of your Nook Color then you'll find the download inside ROM Manager. If you've not rooted your device yet you can check out the forums for a how-to and initial impressions. ROM Manager download link is after the break for those of you already rooted. [Twitter]

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gpf2ez says:

Awesome news. I have downloaded it and created at backup of my Nook Color.

pDoG says:

What all can you do with a rooted nook? Haha.

Kazy says:

QR code for a device without a camera? :P

Jimmy13 says:

It works great from rom manager. I ran a back up and then overclocked it. Good stuff :)