Cinci Bell selling the motorola milestone

I love it when the little guy gets hold of the big guns, and Cinci Bell has a winner on their hands with the Motorola Milestone.  It's not the newest or biggest Android phone on the block, but ask anyone who has one -- the Milestone is one hell of a phone.  It'll cost you $199.99 after rebate and on a two year contract, which is pretty standard for a carriers top-of-the-line phone.  If you're a Cinci Bell subscriber, be sure to head in to a store and have a look at the Milestone, you might just fall in love. [Cincinnati Bell] Thanks for the tip Josh!


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Cincinnati Bell now offering the Motorola Milestone XT720


$200 for a Droid 1 with 2.1 that cant be rooted, and then only AFTER a mail-in rebate (you have to put up $300 initially) and AFTER you agree to a 2 year contract.

Um...why exactly is this a deal?

They never said it was a deal, I can see how this would be exciting to someone with limited options.

It's good for people wanting to stick with Cincinnati Bell, a regional carrier, whose only other Android offering is their self--named Blaze.

I wonder if the device is unlocked? Could be a decent option for someone who wanted a high end Motorola on T-Mobile. At 449.99, its still considerably cheaper than what you would have to cough up to buy a Nexus One.

Moto has been making some nice android phones as of late for everyone.......
EXCEPT AT&T...... COME ON!!!! WTH!!!!!!

Cinci bell is awesome. It would be worth buying a $500 phone. When I lived in Ohio, my bill with unlimited data/texting, 250 minutes (free nights and weekends) was $36, and it's GSM. They offer the nexus one but without a subsidy, but would save you big in the long run.