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Attention old-school gamers: Chrono Trigger has just launched on Google Play, bringing the classic role-playing game to Android. The Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum are two new areas that were included in the Nintendo DS port which have found their way to this iteration as well. Despite most of the graphics and gameplay staying intact from the SNES original, some of the controls have been tweaked for touch interfaces. Language support spreads English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. 

As the title suggests, Chrono Trigger features a lot of time travel, from prehistory to the far future to the the end of time. Even the original contemporary setting that the heroes start in is only Earth-ish and has some of its own unique fantasy flair. Along the way, your party grows to include a robot, a half-man half-frog, a cavewoman, and plenty of other colorful characters. 

As with most Square Enix games on mobile, you'll be paying a premium for the privilege of playing their games on mobile devices, but $9.99 isn't quite as bad as what they're charging for some of their other titles. Although I played a bunch of Final Fantasy 3, I never had a chance to dig into Chrono Trigger. This might be my cue, but what about you guys? Did anyone here play the original, but are still tempted to pick up the mobile version? Any DS players able to vouch for the quality of the new content? 


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Chrono Trigger role-playing game released for Android


I loved the original, even played through to get most of the endings. I hate to say that I picked up the DS remake and still haven't had a chance to play it, so not sure of the new content quality.

One thing I won't bother with is buying SE titles on mobile devices right now; the price is too high for old games. As far as I can tell you can't swap save data between them either, so no appeal for me.

Hands down, one of the best games ever released on SNES. The hidden gem in Squaresofts line-up given that it was originally never released in Europe.

Never played it but always wanted to. Even at $10 it's probably a good bargain for the # of hours involved. But as someone else mentioned, without being able to save across devices I can't see myself paying the money.

I suggest buying it to show developers that Android is a viable and profitable platform. When they finally believe it, we'll stop getting stuff a year after the iMeh. I bought FF3 and I'm about to buy this one even (though I could easily run it on an emulator).

The original game is well worth it. I bought it on SNES and the DS. The port is NOT worth it. All we get are iPhone ports which don't scale correctly. What is the purpose of having a big beautiful 4.8" screen if the game doesn't fill the space? Do it right and give us proper widescreen gameplay.


I too am sick of lazy iPhone ports. They could not even be bothered to support Androids screen sizes yet still want us to pay ten bucks? GTFO!

Well, if it is based off the DS port, I'll just play the DS version. Though it would be nice for my new Nexus 7...

An emulator is an option, but if memory serves, there is one part in the game where you need to chase something. Doing it with an onscreen D pad might be a little difficult. At best, you might want to hook up a gamepad at that point. I'd be interested to know how the app version handles that part.

In any case, Chrono Trigger is a great old school JRPG. Definitely worth it if you are interested in the older, turn based ones.


I bought FF3 with the 25 bucks credit it came with when I purchased my Nexus 7, and I still regret it till the day.
Played it for a while and just couldn't justify that amount of money.
I respect Squaresoft and have liked a lot of their games but just not these oldie re-releases.
Chrono Trigger is one of my all-time fave RPG, but I'm gonna run it on SNESdroid or whatever

Probably one of the best JRPG's of all time. Not sure if it's worth $10, tho. I'd pay half that, but it'll give you at least 30 hours of play.

Great game, universally thought of as one of the best RPGs ever, a good amount rate it higher then FF7. I'll def pick it up to replay, if anything to wash that taste of Chrono Cross out of my mouth.

The first half of Chrono Cross was great. The second half... ...not so much. After about the 50th playable character, it got a little pointless.

That said, easily the best opening song of any game, and the soundtrack overall is really good.


Play Stores states its not compatible with my Nexus 7. Apparently support was revoked as other users where able to install it at launch but now you can't. Shows it is still compatible with my Galaxy Nexus GSM but i wont be getting it till support comes back for the Nexus 7.

I will be buying this. $9.99 is a lot for a game, but this game is worth it. As long as it plays well, that is. The original was, by far, the one game I played relentlessly trying to get every ending possible. Aside from FFVII, this is the one RPG I was praying to see come back!

To be fair, the iPhone version itself was just a lazy port of the DS version. FF3 is the real way to bring back a classic.

The best part of these remakes for me is higher resolution of the game. I have all the games they have been remaking in one form or another already but the resolution of these remakes makes me want to play these ones.

It would be nice if there was a proper review that showed the game being played on something like the Galaxy Nexus so that we can see how letterboxed they are. I don't mind if there are black bars on the sides because this game was never meant for 16:9 screens. It is when the game has black bars on the top, bottom and sides that I get annoyed. Like how they did Final Fantasy 1. They didn't even let it scale to the shortest part of the screen which is very lazy.

Now, if Square could get around to releasing Final Fantasy Dimensions I would be happy.

This is a must play for any classic RPG fan. I'd even go as far as to say that it's a a must play game for any gamer. $10 may seem like a lot if you've already played it, but otherwise it's a steal.

The DS port comes with a better translation, but the new content is pretty boring. There are 2 new dungeons: Lost Sanctum, which is a horribly tedious series of fetch quests that doesn't net you anything good, and the Dimensional Vortex, which is ok but doesn't live up to the rest of the game. This is probably still worth a buy, though, CT is a great game.

The original SNES cartridge was $69.99 so $9.99 is an absolute bargain. I just wished it had game saves to the cloud feature so I can play on my phone and tablet at the same damn time. At the same damn time? At the same damn time. #yabish