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ASUS Chromebook lid

Top 10 Chromebook tips and tricks

If you love Chromebooks like we do you'll want to see these tips and tricks to make the most of them. Millions of people are using Chromebooks, but despite their simple and "for everyone" nature not every powerful feature is easy to access. Every Chromebook (or Chromebox) is a powerful tool that...
Android tablet or Chromebook

Choosing between a Chromebook and a large Android tablet

Google now has two platforms for desktop-class computing, but which experience is up to the task of being a standalone laptop? While it may be easy to look at Chromebooks and mock them for being "just a browser" or look at an Android tablet and call it "just a big phone," it turns out there's...
Chrome tabs unmerged

How to merge and unmerge Chrome tabs in Lollipop

It's either the best or worst feature ever invented, depending on who you ask. Everyone uses their devices just a little bit differently, and the web browser is more often than not a perfect example of that statement. Chrome for Android offers many great features, including the ability to sync...

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Apple event — don't not look at this in chrome you will go blind

Apple's Sept. 9 event streamable on Safari and Windows 10's Edge browser — but not Chrome

Apple's doing things on Sept. 9 in San Francisco — our pals at iMore will be there and all over that one. For those of us not at the event, it'll be livestreamed. But unlike previous events, you won't have to be using Safari to watch it. Yes, Apple has finally done the right thing and increased...
Vysor is an interesting new way to control Android from your computer

Vysor is an interesting new way to control Android from your computer

There are a couple of ways to remotely view and control your Android from a desktop, but none of them are particularly easy to use. Some require root access, some require subscriptions, and some aren't really worth using due to low framerates and overall quality. The mind behind Rom Manager,...
Dell's Chromebook 13 will be available starting September 17

Dell's Chromebook 13 offers higher-end specs starting at just $399

Dell and Google have unveiled the Chromebook 13, an all-new Chromebook which aims to bring higher-end specs with a more affordable price tag. Currently, consumers have entry-level, affordable Chromebook's like the ASUS Chromebook Flip, or a high-end, expensive option like the Pixel. Dell hopes to...

Back to school: The best Chromebooks to consider for young students

Chromebooks are a fantastic learning tool for children, and you won't break the bank buying one for the student in your life. Choosing to buy a computer for a younger student making their way through elementary or middle school is more of a necessity than a choice nowadays, but you'd be right in...
Acer C740 Chromebook

Acer C740 Chromebook review

It's hard to argue with Acer's approach, making small changes to a best-selling model, but this Chromebook is starting to show its age. The quick take The C740 Chromebook is a basic upgrade over the best-selling C720, making just a few tweaks to the model released almost two years ago. The...
Back to School Chromebooks

Back to school: The best Chromebooks to consider for college

You'll be surprised how much schoolwork you can get done on a Chromebook, and appreciate the cost savings at the same time. Chromebooks have proven to be an extremely valuable tool for schools teaching younger children that want to introduce them to technology, but they have also shown to be a...
Chrome Beta for Android updated with Chrome Custom Tabs

Chrome Beta for Android updated with Chrome Custom Tabs, Bookmarks interface tweaks

Google has announced the rollout of Chrome Beta 45 for Android, bringing a handful of new features to the mobile browser, along with a helping of bug fixes. Coming along in version 45 are Chrome Custom Tabs, an updated Bookmarks interface, and more. Here's the full breakdown of what's new:...
ASUS Chromebook Flip

ASUS Chromebook Flip (C100) review

This isn't the Chromebook for everyone, but it offers enough to be a compelling option for those who need ultimate portability. The quick take The Chromebook Flip is pushing the envelope of what we consider a "standard" Chromebook, with extreme portability, good components and the option to...
Google Store cuts Chromebook prices by up to $30 in Back to School promotion

Google Store cuts Chromebook prices by up to $30 in Back to School promotion

Google is looking to get students ready for the new school year with a back to school sale on the Google Store. In all, while Google is boasting price cuts on a number of products, it looks like the only new sales are on select Chromebooks from Acer. In total, you'll be able to save anywhere...
ASUS Chromebook Flip

ASUS Chromebook Flip specs

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is the first 10-inch convertible Chromebook, which means it can work as a traditional laptop but also fold into multiple positions, including a tablet-like mode that leverages its touchscreen capabilities. The external hardware is neat, but the specs running the show...