Millions of new users to get their first taste of Chromecast today

It looks like the Chromecast is now available in the new countries slated for support by Google, as the clock has struck midnight in the E.U. Users in Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and the U.K. can now have a go with the little dongle that has caused such a stir — even garnering the "Gadget of the Year" title from Time magazine.

To go along with Google's own apps like Play Music or Play Movies, the team announced that they are also working with local content providers to bring the shows and movies you love to watch to your Chromecast. In the U.K. there's BBC iPlayer, France has TV Pluzzz, SFR TV and support for CANALPLAY coming soon, and Watchever is live for Germany. These apps are in the Google Play store today, with more expected soon.

If you're in one of these 11 countries, look for a Chromecast at Amazon, Google Play, Currys PC World, FNAC, Saturn, Media Markt and other retailers.

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Chromecast now for sale in Canada, UK and 9 countries across Europe


finally, canadians have something to cheer about!!! (because they always complain about google service not in canada)

Still no Google Music though. Those licensing fees in Canada are too high for Google to even bother bringing it.

I'm happy to see this available in Canada now. I have already bought two of them when I was in the USA. Enjoy using them for a couple of months. Definitely going to recommend this to my friends and family to buy one.

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Its still cheaper to buy one from a reseller in Canada than to order from google play. At least I don't feel bad about paying $50 for one through a reseller like a month ago.

I will wait until I can get another direct from Amazon with free shipping.

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Wow. Available also in Finland. I already wondered why a Chromecast add was translated in Finnish. Too bad there seems to be a problem because I always receive an error message when trying to fetch more information. Anyway, it's nice to be able to order something from Google Play.

For the other European countries: buy it on the German Amazon, that's how I got it to Belgium ;)

Ordered mine from Google Play here in the UK this morning. Currys/PC World was showing out of stock already (for online orders at least). Nice one Google.