Your Chromecast is getting bumped to version 12940, and the SDK gets a new point release bringing it to 1.0.1

Google is pushing out another silent OTA for the Chromecast, bringing the streamer-on-a-stick to version 12940. You wont have to do anything to get it, and probably would never know it came. But for those who are worried about things like hacking the Chromecast, we want to get the word out. 

The change log is short but sweet. "Better discovery of Chromecast devices" and "Improved Google Play Movies stability." Both sound like something we all want. 

In other Chromecast news, the Google Cast SDK developer preview also got a little bump to version 1.0.1, fixing a bug some iOS developers were seeing where a naming convention interfered with Objective-C++ development. 

The quick pace of changes and updates doesn't surprise us at all, as we think Google has big plans not just for the Chromecast but the the Google Cast protocol as a whole.

Source: Chrome Releases Blog


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Chromecast gets another OTA update and a new version of the SDK to go with it


Can anyone tell me whether I will run into issues with using this up here in Canada, if I get my sister in the US buy one of these for me and send it to me?

How do we get the update? I know it's supposed to be automatic but I don't know where to check to see if I have the latest build.

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If you open the Chromecast app on your phone or tablet, and then tap on your device, you'll see the build number. My device is on 12840, so I'm still waiting for the update.

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That's what I thought and my device is on that too! Thanks for the reply!

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I just wish I didn't have to enter my wifi passwords every time I go to different locations and back.

That would be awesome. And it seems like a reasonable feature to expect, given how portable the device is.

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I've had to enter it all the time before I use it. It's quite annoying. I never see no code I just lie to it telling it I do see it to bring me to the part I enter Wi-Fi password.

Anyone actually know if this will ever come to the UK and when.. It shouldn't be too hard to distribute what is basically a usb stick

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At least no one is using you as trial consumer. Here we are forced to use it all bugged up and run into buffering and other issues, so that when it gets to your homeland you don't have to run through these frustrations.

I hope this update fixed the problem I've had watching content from Google Play Movies & TV. I purchased the last season of The Killing. Each night over the last week I watched 2-3 episodes. The first episode I played each night was sometimes okay, but all subsequent episodes each night were terrible quality. Those same episodes played fine on the Google TV, and all of our phones and tablets, so I'm guessing it was just the Chromecast.

Love that show! Watched S1 and 2 on Netflix the past few weeks, and waiting for S3 to queue.

I have two dongles, and have yet to run into any bugs with either. I use them all the time too. Can't wait to see future uses!

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Hope this fixes the discovery problem because the last update didn't improve much.
My CC will often drop off the wifi, and the easiest (only) way to get it back is to reboot the router.

Wonder if this means I can now turn media access control address (MAC address) back on in my router.

Only issue i havr is using my Google music... It just stops and i have to reboot my phone or tablet

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Just happened to me. I am assuming that Google Music is the culprit as it is pretty buggy. Especially lock screen control.

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My Chromecast software version is 1.1.2 build 12840. Now my AirCast (beta) app is not working. :/

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UPDATE: software version 1.1.2 is just the Chromecast app, not the dongle itself.