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Chrome 26 for Android hits the stable channel, also brings improved performance and bug fixes

Google Chrome for Android has hit version 26, bringing with it the ability to sync passwords and auto-fill data from the desktop browser. If you've been running the beta version of Google's browser then this may sound familiar, as it's been in testing in the beta channel for a few weeks now.

Chrome 26 also fixes a bug where a blank page would be displayed instead of the requested URL. In addition, there's the standard assortment of performance improvements -- and we have to say Chrome for Android feels pretty speedy on this latest build.

Head to the Google Play Store app to update, or hit the link above if you're a first-time installer.


Reader comments

Chrome for Android gets password and auto-fill sync in latest update


Nothing on the internet usually bothers me, but seeing you post this same freaking thing each time there's a Chrome update is beyond annoying.

Yeah, because, you know, we don't give Google enough private data already... giving them potential access to all our passwords is a super-great idea. (Seriously, I *STRONGLY* recommend people think twice before EVER allowing a browser, ESPECIALLY CHROME, to manage important passwords.)

I thought I was going crazy. My mobile view of websites (at least this one) is gone. Not saying I don't like it though.