Samsung Showcase

Despite it having been a long time coming, the EE25 update for the Samsung Showcase (Galaxy S) on Cellular South is now available. With it being a Froyo update it does have quite a few bug fixes in it so if you've been having any issues with your device you'll want to make sure you grab this one.

  • Fixed, Missed voice call while playing YouTube content
  • Fixed, Restore Buddies now contact list after upgrade
  • Fixed, Force-close issue when Voice call ringtone menu selected after setting Default ringtone
  • Fixed, Restore default ringtone if Speak Caller ID selected prior to upgrade EC10
  • Fixed, Google Client ID change
  • Google Rooting Security Patch
  • Google Market security patch
  • Google Security

You can hit the source link below for the full download, and instructions on just how to load it.

Source: Cellular South

There are 5 comments

Famboiz says:

Gingerbread has been out for 6 months now and these guys are just now pushing out Froyo? Epic fail.

gln says:

Cellular South IS epic fail. Horrible company. Slow, Slow, Slow at doing just about anything, mainly software updates. They also hire CSRs that are a better fit for McDonald's.

thesneak155 says:

They let other carriers work out the kinks in the phones... What is slow about them other than releasing phones?

gmonkey88 says:

Cellcom in Wisconsin launched this phone with 2.2 already on it. They should have skipped froyo and went right to gingerbread.

jhjones says:

Nice upgrade