Samsung Showcase

Despite it having been a long time coming, the EE25 update for the Samsung Showcase (Galaxy S) on Cellular South is now available. With it being a Froyo update it does have quite a few bug fixes in it so if you've been having any issues with your device you'll want to make sure you grab this one.

  • Fixed, Missed voice call while playing YouTube content
  • Fixed, Restore Buddies now contact list after upgrade
  • Fixed, Force-close issue when Voice call ringtone menu selected after setting Default ringtone
  • Fixed, Restore default ringtone if Speak Caller ID selected prior to upgrade EC10
  • Fixed, Google Client ID change
  • Google Rooting Security Patch
  • Google Market security patch
  • Google Security

You can hit the source link below for the full download, and instructions on just how to load it.

Source: Cellular South


Reader comments

Cellular South rolls out Froyo EE25 update for the Samsung Showcase


Cellular South IS epic fail. Horrible company. Slow, Slow, Slow at doing just about anything, mainly software updates. They also hire CSRs that are a better fit for McDonald's.

Cellcom in Wisconsin launched this phone with 2.2 already on it. They should have skipped froyo and went right to gingerbread.