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In a week quite literally filled with LG Nexus 4 leaks, UK retailer Carphone Warehouse accidentally pulled the trigger on their pre-order page for the device. Contained within was plenty of juicy tidbits about Google's next Nexus smartphone, including some hints at pricing. Following this, we then saw leaked internal inventory screens that seemed to back it up further still.

Now, it seems, the very same retailer -- in some locations at least -- has already started to display their in store price advertising for the Nexus 4. It says that the device will be free on new and upgrade contracts from £31 per month, and that for £389.95 you can buy one out right. 

What is lacking from this price tag however, is any indication of storage size. But, it's a weekend, so we're not going to get into that debate right now. We'll leave that to you folks in the forums, which is where you should be headed to talk up -- or down -- the LG Nexus 4 to your hearts content. 

Source: @ollygosling (Twitter)

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jeet85 says:

the event has been postponed by google......:(......due to hurricane....

Gekko says:

£389.95? so that means $628 in real money.

aragami says:

Remember we pay more for electronics in Europe so the price in pounds or euros is rarely equal to the dollar price, I'd estimate that the price for the nexus 4 in dollars would be around $350-380.

mwara244 says:

The British also pay extremely high amounts in import taxes and sales taxes which gets included into the price too. Imagine if everything we bought in the states cost an extra 30% more, that's what they pay.

Doesn't work like that. At minimum you'll be able to remove the 20% VAT on that price, which would bring you down to ~$500 USD.

But looking back at the way most prices go, the launches usually hit at about the same numerical value in each currency. Aka £389.95 = $389.95 (or even less) in the US. The Europeans get screwed on the pricing sometimes.

I lol'd at the real money thing, that was hilarious. Well played sir.

Jotokun says:

$630 in USD... ouch. Unlocked phones are expensive, yes, but for that price it would need to have a removable battery, microSD slot and not made out of plastic before I would consider it. Really hope that price is wrong or it drops a lot by the time I pick one up in March/April. $450 is where I would top out for the 16gb model, considering the GNex is $350.

blakeman7 says:

Amen to that. The Google Samsung Nexus is a great phone and a great price. The most underrated phone out.

casperinmd says:

Not sure why so many harp on plastic...metal/aluminum is sometimes perfect for some applications, but GS2 in plastic would be in suck HORRIBLE shape if it were metal, all the times I dropped it.

For phones, I personally love light weight very durable plastic (not cracking plastic but the slightly flexible/rubbery type).

gunderson says:

Did the photographer take this Photo with a White Nexus S?! :-)

stevovr says:

according to info from CFW its 8gb storage

roose21 says:

Available in black and white according that... white crystal reflective treatment... mmm...