Motorola Droid Pro

It appears that there may be a cameraless version of the Motorola Droid Pro available in the near future. This would be aimed at the often overlooked but large group of workers who are unable to sport a camera on their phones due to security concerns. As cameras have continued to evolve and improve in the mobile space, there are lots of jobs that unfortunately don't allow those technologies to be enjoyed. It doesn't mean they should have to settle for a less capable phone though.

It's good to see Motorola and Verizon catering at the market that has been dominated so heavily by RIM and Microsoft. 

Does anyone work in an environment where you're not allowed to have a camera on your phone? If so, does the Droid Pro entice you? [Engadget]


Reader comments

Is a cameraless version of the Motorola Droid Pro coming soon?


A friend of mine works for the us gov in security and can't carry a phone with a camera. He wants a android phone instead of the bb he's using. I'll have to show hum this when he gets back from Africa.

Depends on what department in the gov't. Mine requires a camera on my BB. For my personal future droid, I would want a camera too.

This would make sense since it will be marketed towards the business community. Didn't/Doesn't BlackBerry offer non-camera versions of their phones for businesses with security concerns?

Not allowed to have a phone in my building at work, with or without a camera. I lock mine in a locker each day at the entrance.

Not allowed to carry them into federal court - it would be fantastic to have the android browser to do on-the-fly research instead of BlackBerry.

Why is Motorola trying to get the business side of the market? Phones in the enterprise world isn't a business phone without something like BES and BIS that RIM has... unless Motorola or Google are planning on it.

What fails on the Droid Pro is the crappy 3.1" low resolution display

THe pages cut off.... Im thinkin the next words after without are, "a second" as in no front facing camera. cheaper price!!

This would be good for professional lab rats, they can't carry a phone with a camera on most clinical research facilities