Calvin Harris and Moto X

A nice spot from fishman04 — one of the wooden Moto X models in the video for Calvin Harris' "Under Control."

Still no word on when we'll be able to order a wood-backed version — or which kind of wood will be available. Stay tuned.

Look for the wooden Moto X at about 2:37 in.


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Calvin Harris sports a wooden Moto X — we wouldn't turn one down, either


How is it possible to spell so badly when everything has auto correct? Unless its an American auto correct....

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Yeah this is obvious product placement, at the 1:38 mark, they show the DECK by SOL REPUBLIC, bluetooh speakers. Nice commercial MOTO!

Calvin Harris is a DJ with Sol, so they wanted to show off the Deck, and I bet Moto said "Wait a minute! Can we piggyback?"

Going to buy a wood Moto X for my smartphone collection for the simple fact it's wood, and I think that's frak'n awesome.

Reminds me somehow of those amazing Italian wooden speedboats by Riva.

I don't see the connection. At. ALL. Does it remind you of countless other items made of wood, too? LOL. It is pretty cool though, I'll give you that!

I don't understand the appeal of a wood phone other than the fact that you could say your phone is made with wood. I mean, it's going to scratch way more easily for one thing. And what about water? I guess they could has a protective barrier, but how long will that last?

Well water isn't good for a woven back regular Moto X either. And I'm sure there's a finish on the veneer as well so it won't rub off any quicker then hardwood floors. So yeah... Your point is dumb...

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Good for plastic though

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I don't like stuff with wood finish, I grew up with my father having just about everything in the house that's made of wood or has a wood finish, YECH! I like simple modern stuff like you see at Ikea.

Besides, I rather have the carbon type backing the standard Moto X has, easier to grip and no need for a case, my HTC One X needs a case because it can slip out of my hand.

According to authoritative forum posters, "everyone" puts a case on their smartphone no matter if it's cheap Samsung plastic, industrial aluminum, or Moto X rosewood. Doesn't everyone know? So there, blah, blah, blah.

Its a great phone but its a little too late to bring out the wooden backs IMO they should wait till the Moto X 2

I...I don't want my electronic technology to have wood. Am I crazy? I'm lost on the appeal. Reminds me of those old school tube TVs with the wood paneling.

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I like the irony of having a high tech device covered in something as 'low tech' as wood. And I like Motorola. But it's still not the phone for me.

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what's A Calvin Harris ?

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All I saw where some great tits and ass. Thanks Android Central for putting a smile on my face!! What phone?

I would have dropped money on one of these (specifically a Rosewood colored one)had that been an available. But they've waited too long and now I'm curious to see the Nexus 5. The delay certainly has lost them a sale.

Please god tell me they will at least have the option of oak. Yeah yeah not to pretty but strong as sh|t. Wouldn't mind an S||| with teak/red oak/cherry (sapwood) or some california redwood, wood back. I'm leaning more towards teak or the sapwood cherry. No stain just varnish but on the outside not inside. That way the inside of the backing helps to draw out moisture if need be.