Motorola Milestone X2

C Spire Wireless, the former Ceullar South that you're seeing in a smattering of TV commericials now, just announced availabilty of the Motorola Milestone X2. That's the same as the Motorola Droid X2 on Verizon that we reviewed back in the summer. Same 4.3-inch display, same 1GHz dual-core processor, same 8MP camera, no Droid branding. It's running Android 2.3 and has Swype on baord. C Spire's offering it up for $99 (after $50 rebate) on two-year contract.

Source: Press release; more: C Spire


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C Spire gets the Motorola Milestone X2


There is a reason why no one is mentioning the internal memory.

The fact that it has half the internal memory is what will limit the number of apps you can have.

Also see how they are not mentioning that this is one of the last phones on Android 2.3?

Memory will also be the reason they will give why this phone will never see Ice Cream Sandwich.

Just know that you will still be paying almost $2000 over your contract. These are basically the same specs as the EVO 4G from 19 months ago.

Who isn't mentioning internal memory? The press release mentions 8GB internal memory, same as the Droid X2. If you're talking about RAM it has the same 512MB as the Nexus S (which is getting Ice Cream Sandwich).

As for the EVO comparison, it has the same specs, other than the dual core processor (vs. single core), higher resolution screen (qHD vs. WVGA, although the X2 is pentile so I'll call it a draw), better color depth (24-bit vs. 16-bit), longer battery life (8hr vs. 5hr talk time), 8GB internal memory (vs. 1GB), and being smaller, thinner, and lighter.

What the hell are you talking about? I'm using an X2 right now. Typing this reply on it as a matter of fact. If you think this very capable hardware will notbe upgraded to ICS because it can't run it please share what your smoking with the rest of the class.

Motorola could very well choose not to update this phone. Not likely IMHO as they are soon to be owned by Google & will look to get off on a fast start with all their current & future hardware. I say its a 50/50 chance seeing as how Verizon sold quite a few not to mention other carriers globally.

The only thing that can hamper ICS on this phone is the Blur skin. And this version of Blur is dramatically scaled back. Quite frankly I'm not too crazy about stock Android as my experience with Touchwiz & Blur has been fine. If you'll notice what actually sells in the Android world it is always the customized phones. Even where stock Android has been readily available customers in large part have gone with the custom builds.

So research... A little bit goes a long way.

Once again... CS gets a phone that's a yr old. I hate to even see "updates" about this company. B/c it's old news and it's annoying. I can't wait to switch.