Many of us use Flickr to share our pictures with family and friends, and until just recently there was no easy way to upload these from your Android phone directly, other than e-mailing them. But Flickr just announced devices running Android 2.2 can upload from the browser, and while it is not a full standalone application with proper gallery integration, it sure beats having to transfer them to the computer to upload them, or emailing them all. We continue to hope for a standalone application to make this process even better then it has become, but we will be thankful for what we have now! [Flickr Blog via Android Central Forums]

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bgruber17 says:

I guess that doesn't count us HTC Sense users...

thefonedoc says:

Works fine with HTC Sense?
I have a HTC Desire running 2.2 and Sense and just tried it and it works great :)

dcreed says:

Some have told me that the Share menu in the Gallery has "Flickr" as an entry. But not on the Droid I (FRG22D).

Still waiting for the app from Yahoo/Flickr.

eyesparky says:

With HTC Sense you can share to flickr already. Handy feature though for Android in general.

resin99 says:

Upstream works great with froyo. It's on the market and works with the gallery.

Mobius360 says:

Flickroid has so far worked pretty well for me.

jimbl says:

I've been uploading to Flickr from the Share menu in the Gallery since I bought my Droid Incredible on 9/6/10. I can even select multiple items. Adding the browser functionality is nice, but I don't see it being easier than the built in functionality I already have.

dmitriyk says:

There is a standalone application. It's called upStream. It's at

Jonneh says:

Awesome! I love flickr and I love Android, so this is great news for me. Thanks AC

bettrflickr is a great flicker upload tool if you dont want to have to use the browser

margaritean says:

Lovely!! it has really added charm to Android mobiles...
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