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We've heard rumors of a new Sony flagship phone on the way, by the codename of "Hayabusa," or LT29i to give it its product number. Last month an alleged image of the device in field testing appeared online, and now we have what may be a slightly clearer -- though still blurry -- photo of the device. Today's shots show the unmistakable green Xperia logo around the back, with a large camera lens up top and single LED flash. The front of the phone appears to be dominated by a large screen, with no traditional physical buttons, which might corroborate rumors that the Hayabusa will feature on-screen buttons. The device also appears to be fairly thin, though it's impossible to judge this precisely. Also of interest are the curved corners, in stark contrast to the sharp edges of the current crop of Xperia NXT phones.

As for rumored specs, the Hayabusa is said to sport a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset -- that's the one with the faster Adreno 320 GPU -- with 1GB of RAM, a 4.55-inch 720p screen (with on-screen buttons), and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. A whopping 2200mAh battery and 13MP camera are also rumored. If accurate, these specs would make the Hayabusa a worthy competitor to the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III. And if rumors of a 7-8mm thin chassis are true, the device could also be a worthy successor to last year's Xperia Arc.

A leaked roadmap suggests that the Hayabusa may appear in July around the €500 mark, while recent rumors from UnwiredView​ suggest a June announcement could be on the cards.

Of course we're well within unconfirmed rumor territory here, so take these reports with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, we'll admit to being intrigued by the possibility of a new super-high-end device from Sony. And the manufacturer will need to deliver something special in any upcoming flagship if it wants to compete with the latest devices from Samsung and HTC.

Source: UnwiredView IT168; via: XperiaBlog


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Blurry-cam pic claims to show Sony LT29i Hayabusa


Sorry Guys, but that green logo is the Sony Ericsson logo (which is now replaced by "Sony")
Xperia logo is "XPERIA" Written in a special font (I don't know it name though)

Specs are nice ... but not that big upgrade from the Xperia S (which uses S3)

Personally I like S's design more ... they could've upgraded it CPU &the called it Xperia S⁴

I think the S4 can be called a decent upgrade over the S3 processor and the Adreno 320 GPU (if included) is very very capable for all those Playstation store games it will surely be aimed at playing. I will admit the design doesn't look as svelt as the Xperia S, however this is a blurry shot for sure and I was and still am not sure of the durability of the transparent bar on the Xperia S and the sharp corners (abrasion and what not showing their toll quickly compared to curved corners) If this has the specs, and looks as good as all of Sony stuff usually does, it will be a winner for me :) But as I always say this is my own opinion and not fact as so many people argue about on the internet haha, I like Sony's design and products, simples.

How is it that I can take a picture with my phone that is crystal clear, but every time there is a leak pic, they are always blurry? This one looks like they took a picture of a picture...

This is the phone I am waiting for, I dislike the HTC One X and the Samsung GS3 hasn't been what I really expected or want, not liking the design much anymore. I love Sony design and quality. If this also comes with a microSD slot like some have rumoured it will be a sire fire device for me. And the Snapdragon S4 pro is everything that I could ever want as it is on par with the quads anyway which I don't care for in a phone. Come on Sony make me happy and get me as a customer! (UK release before September would be nice please :P )

I feel the same way but I live in the US. I doubt T-Mobile over here will get its hands on it. The snapdragon S4 pro is a good processor but the GPU seemed lacking. Thankfully, this GPU definitely seems to clear things up!

Seriously, what happened to all the people who designed SE's beautiful ARC series? Did Sony can them? With the exception of the light bar on the Xperia S these new Sony devices are looking uglier and uglier.Practically LG-ish.Eeeck

Not liking Sense like I used too.
Has anyone heard of a brand called Parade? That's Samsung.
LG is like having Better Value branding.
Motorola is a space filler on the shelf, unless you're a Verizon customer.

I want a brand with some quality recognition behind it.

man i am so glad to see something that looks like an Xperia Arc

i now own the galaxy note and gave the Arc to my GF, but god is that phone just the hottest phone i have ever touched or seen.

just picking up an xperia arc can make you drop any other device thats fast.

its just the best designed phone i have ever seen ever. everything about it is absolutely amazing and i wish they could bring it back, or even make a larger one with the bend.

also with that amazing screen which you can perfectly see in all sunlight.

the only other phone i loved as much as xperia arc is xperia x1

Good specs, not sure about the concave back, I like the Xperia S design but of course the rest of the phone was let down (why does this always happen).
Lastly, I'll never buy a phone with a small dome on it because it would annoy the pirate's pajamas out of me, hopefully Sony go with a flat version of that logo soon.