Verizon LTE

Verizon's greatly expanding its 4G LTE network on Thursday, June 21. Without delay, here's the full list. Enjoy.

New markets:

  • Florence, Ala.
  • Harrison, Ark.
  • Yuba City/Marysville, Calif.
  • Panama City, Fla.
  • Carrolton, Gainesville and Newnan, Ga.
  • Lihue, Hawaii (launched June 11)
  • Blackfoot, Idaho
  • Decatur/Effingham, Kankakee/Bradley-Bourbonnais and La Salle/Peru/Ottawa, Ill.
  • Columbus and Michigan City/La Porte, Ind.
  • Greater Portland, Maine
  • Greenville/Greenwood, Jackson and Tunica, Miss.
  • Houghton and Traverse City, Mich.
  • Jefferson City, Lake of the Ozarks and West Plains, Mo.
  • Binghamton, Elmira/Corning/Hornell and Oneonta, N.Y.
  • Burlington, Hickory/Lenoir, Jacksonville and New Bern, N.C.
  • Bedford and Sharon/Farrell/Hermitage, Pa.
  • Anderson, Florence and Greenwood, S.C.
  • Lufkin/Nacogdoches, Midland, San Angelo and Waco, Texas
  • Danville, Va.
  • Ashland, Ky./Huntington, W.Va. and Logan, W.Va.
  • Fond du Lac, Janesville/Beloit and Sheboygan, Wis.
  • Gillette, Wyo. 

Twenty-two markets will see expansion in their LTE coverage. They are:

  • Denver and Fort Collins/Loveland, Colo.
  • Philadelphia., Pa./Wilmington, Del.
  • Daytona Beach, Gainesville and West Palm Beach, Fla.
  • Hilo, Hawaii
  • Boise/Nampa, Idaho; Chicagoland, Ill.
  • Lafayette, Ind.
  • Hammond, La.
  • Springfield, Mo.
  • Glens Falls and New York, N.Y.
  • Charlotte/Gastonia and Greenville/Washington, N.C.
  • Indiana, Pa. and Hagerstown, Md./Chambersburg, Pa.
  • Sioux Falls, S.D.
  • Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Va.
  • Seattle, Wash.
  • Appleton/Oshkosh, Wis.

Source: Verizon


Reader comments

The big list of Verizon's June 21 LTE expansion


I was born in Oxnard, visit often since all family is there and sucks that no LTE is there yet. And I'm sure my brother would return to VZW from AT&T if LTE was there. But the Fios Wifi at my mom's is damn fast.

Agree. I'm not sure why Ventura County is getting ignored. It is a major corridor to San Francisco, the 101 runs right through it, and it would close the gap between Los Angeles & Santa Barbara. From a build out perspective, it would appear that the demographics support it. The largest employers in the area [Dept of Defense] are significant Verizon users...WAKE UP VERIZON!

same thing I look for each time too.. lots of bad patches in the LA area that they need to plug with LTE goodness.

Awesome! Now the citizens of these cities can reach their "Share Everything" data caps much sooner! Yay! Hope these folks don't mind payin' overages! Cheers. =)

My wife and I are in Manhattan KS quite a bit and I noticed a few weeks ago that some of the towers now had LTE antennae on them. Was wondering when they would be testing those and then lighting them up for good.

I'm shocked that Maine is on that list. I'm not personally a Verizon customer, but I was pretty certain 4G wouldn't come here anytime in the foreseeable future.

I have been in the Portland, Maine area an i am loving it.. I had lived in Dallas, Texas when 4G came out and liked it there..

So.. Seymour, Indiana WAS on the list a few weeks ago when they announced this expansion.. is it no more, just Columbus, Lafayette, LaPorte, and Michigan City :(

No love for Southern Minnesota yet. I live in a college town and 2 towns over is where the switch is located for southern mn. I thought Minneapolis sweet! Looks like we will get it sooner than have I been wrong...

Got a text from a friend earlier today about LTE going live in Marysville, California this morning on his ipad. Yeah!!

Panama City got 4G!! I might switch to Verizon soon. Phil, your welcome to drive over here and use it anytime you like.

I'm really surprised it's making it up to Houghton, MI. AT&T finally got their 3G network up here last November, lol.

I've also been rocking the VZW LTE since I joined them a few weeks ago. Is 12/5 megs down/up decent for VZW LTE, or can I expect an increase with this expansion?

I'm confused why so many people say they are going to reach their overages much faster. I'm guessing these are people with unlimited plans that really dont see how much data they actually use? I have 4GB of data and my average usage is around 2GB a month and I use mine for corp. email and surfing the web all the time. Unless you are downloading movies from your phone your not going to go over.

eh. Yes and no. I do a lot of maps, Google Music, Pandora, a little bit of tethering, moderate browsing, a ton of picture syncing with dropbox, and edit and upload/download docs. I'm on sprint and am using about 2.25GB a month and that is because the network here sucks. I can easily see myself using 3-4GB if I get an actual reliable network soon. (switching to V.)

Good to see verizon continued their rapid expansion. Now if only they would allow people to use more data for the same price not less.

FYI, was driving back to the Cities through Eau Claire, WI and caught a 4g signal. Too far from the Cities for the signal to reach there so I imagine we see this city added soon.

Jackson MS here! Excited about the new expansion... been waiting for some time.

I will say though, that our LTE has actually been live for just about a month now.. it just hasn't been official from VZW till today. I would advise anyone to test their 4G pretty often to see if you get a signal in your area, regardless of whether your carrier has announced it or not. They seem (in my case) to test for a month or so before official launch.

Marysville, so i wonder if they will surprise us here in chico,ca.. Lets hope so, just got a razr again before the big switch gets turned on.. COme on Big Red

So, does this mean the system will settle down and I'll stop randomly just losing the LTE signal for no apparent reason?

I'm shocked that they still have not provided coverage to all suburbs of NYC. I'm a 35 min drive from NYC and live just on the edge of coverage. To not cover northern westchester is ridiculous.

I can't believe a little sh**hole like San Angelo is getting it while so many other major places aren't. I'd never know about San Angelo if it wasn't for Goodfellow AFB. Well, at least my fellow Army Intel guys will have 4G goodness while getting their training.

Hay Verizon what about Rockland County NY " Stony Point " We are all waiting what good is a 4G LTE phone if you cant use it!! COME ON GET ON THE BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No joy for Ventura County? It is a major corridor to San Francisco, the 101 runs right through it, and it would close the gap between Los Angeles & Santa Barbara. From a build out perspective, it would appear that the demographics support it. The largest employers in the area [Dept of Defense] are significant Verizon users...WAKE UP VERIZON!