WiFi Tab delayed

We're all waiting for the WiFi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it seems that Best Buy got a little ambitious in their November mobile buyers guide.  Popular pundit (and wonderfully cranky gentleman) Jeff Jarvis snapped this pic and posted it on Twitter, showing in no uncertain terms that the WiFi only version of the Tab won't be around in the immediate future.  For the record, we were pretty certain Best Buy had it wrong from the get-go and were just waiting for the date to be proven wrong.  But I'm sure Samsung wants this on store shelves as bad as we all do, the sooner the better.  [@jeffjarvis]


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Best Buy: WiFi-only Galaxy Tab delayed


*Picks up Samsung Vibrant* darn you mean I won't have a speedy processor, a big screen, beautiful screen, and touchWIZ until Samsung gets their shit straight?! Sad panda :(

I bet they're still arguing with Google over Market access on it. They won't ship it without it, and Google won't let it have it without a cellular modem.

And THAT dirty secret is why Google said Android wasn't ready for tablets...they're not ready for Tablets that don't have phones in them.

It is probably true that Samsung is anxious to get the WiFi only version of the Galaxy Tab into stores; however, I'll bet that the carriers oppose an early release of the Tab. Hence, I suspect pressure is on Samsung to delay availability. The real question is, how long?

Too, long and I will go with the iPad. Close enough second choice for me to give in and go for it.

It could be the reason, I mean it hasn't even been a month since it hit carriers, carriers want the holiday cash raked in before the wifi only version eats up most of the consumers interest. The fact that tablets are almost useless as a 3G capable device means all carriers wanna make sure they got you suckered in before you buythe wifi only version.

Frankly, it's probably irrelevant unless they manage to sell it significantly cheaper than the carriers' price without a contract ($600 I think?)... I doubt they'd go lower than $500. At $400 or less I'd bite, otherwise it's just way too much for a luxury item I'll use less than my phone or my laptop. At the end of the day, price is still the major roadblock to widespread tablet adoption... A dual core 10" or even 12" netbook with ION graphics for HD playback costs less ($425 tops) and can do a heck of a lot more.

Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab delayed? Well, then my money's delayed too. Samsung, I want to give you my money but it seems you just don't want it.

This is really making the new Archos line of tablets look good. I have no problem "hacking" the market onto this thing but it will be beyond the average user. I wonder if the average user will care or notice that the Archos market isn't the real one. Anyway, the 101 saves me $200 dollars and has a bigger screen compared to the Tab. Does anyone have one yet? Will Android Central do a review?

If you actually read the ad carefully you notice they write "TabT" rather than just Tab. I doubt it is a typo considering they do it more than once. Has anyone thought of the idea that maybe this is a completely new model of the Galaxy Tab? Because it also says that it does not have a super amoled screen.

Why would any one want a tablet with internal specs of a phone??? You may get a larger screen but hardware seems a weak. i think i would rather get a quality tablet.