Samsung Fascinate

Best Buy has announced that it will be offering pre-orders of the Samsung Fascinate (see our hands on here), starting today (Aug. 27) for Reward Zone members, and kicking in on Sunday (Aug. 29) for the public at large.  As for pricing information, which hasn't been announced by Verizon, Best Buy has this to say:

"Pre-orders can be made by visiting any local Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile standalone store. Pricing and launch dates for the Samsung Fascinate, which is a member of the Galaxy Series, will be announced soon."

Soon in this case may really mean soon, as we just saw some evidence that the Fascinate may launch on September 9.  And it could be that Best Buy saw that, too, and is just getting its ducks in a row. For all of you guys and gals who have been waiting for the Verizon flavor of the Galaxy S line, it looks like the time is drawing near.  [Best Buy]

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Orcares says:

FIRST. So, I have a question... If I pre-order, do I get to pick it up in a store on release day or do I have to wait for it to be shipped to me?

Shadnic says:

If you pre-order at a store, then you pick it up at that store.

c3PreO says:

Is Verizon still seriously installing Bing and Bing Maps in lieu of Google and Google Maps on this device?

muddy13 says:

I agree...How does a GOOGLE Android phone have BING loaded on it?

Loading BING on any Android phone is just plain stupid!

MowDownJoe says:

Bing Maps is pretty good, from what I hear, but I don't care either way, as long as Google Maps is still visible in the market for the Fascinate.

hotkoko says:

uhh. if this is an android phone why is crappy Bing doing on the screen???

BoNg420 says:

What I want to know does this one have a camera flash and does it have LED notifications?

SanGo says:

nope, only the Epic has LED notifications

BoNg420 says:

Hmm, well I was thinking about getting this phone, but I seen the vibrant and it kind of has a cheap feel to it. Also its a pain in the ass to press the power/lock key on the vibrant, plus the lag.

steelval3 says:

I'm sooooo maddddd.

All along I had been waiting for this phone, but then a week or so ago when i saw that Verizon might not be releasing the Fascinate until October, I decided to use my phone upgrade on the X TWO DAYS AGO. And now, I find out this...

theoneuafter says:

You have 30 days to swap it out though right?
Bing and no led notification? Can Google be loaded without root? If so I can live with no led I suppose.

Google search and Google maps can both be dl'd from the market. So stop whining about Bing. You can very easilly get rid of it.

hotkoko says:

the point is why is it preloaded with Bing. What going on with the phone if its Google phone

Sabban says:

how do you get rid of them? unless you root it?

idkmybffjill says:

I just called Best Buy Mobile & they said my store wasn't taking preorders yet. Colon, open parenthesis.

Orcares says:

I just pre-ordered two of them from my Best Buy. Make sure you tell them you are a Reward Zone member, which is FREE to sign up for. They are only pre-selling these starting today (8/27) for Reward Zone members. If you don't want to sign up for the program, you can wait until 8/29 and pre-order it then.

Twofingerz says:

Verizon whored itself out for $500 million from MS to put Bing on everything. Google it.

c3PreO says:

You're's an article about Verizon/Microsoft Bing Deal

i just called my local best buy and they told me that they werent taking any preorders yet and hadn't heard anything on when they will be.. i dunno if it's worth the hassle of printing out the page from the site and taking it up there to them or not..