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A great step in the right direction for B&N's content store

Working to build up its digital media presence, Barnes & Noble has released a Nook Video app to both Google Play and its own range of Nook tablets. The new app, which is available today, gives customers access to thousands of movies and TV shows for either purchase or rental, which can then be watched on a variety of devices.

B&N is quick to point out that unlike some other services (we all know they mean Amazon), there's no annual subscription required to have access to their entire content catalog. The content is also flexible and can be either downloaded or streamed, whichever is more convenient for you.

The app is available from Google Play for Android phones and tablets, and will show up automatically on your Nook tablet when connected to Wifi. Smartly, B&N is also making iOS and Roku apps available the same day — having content available across multiple devices is the best way to go.

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Barnes & Noble releases Nook Video app to Google Play, specialty version for Nooks


Comparing a pay as you go rental/purchase service with an all you can eat service like Amazon Prime? That doesn't make sense. Plus, will B&N be providing me free 2-day shipping and $3.99 shipping for millions of products across a huge swath of categories?

Amazon Prime competes most directly with Netflix and Hulu Plus. They both have Android apps. If that fact hasn't motivated them, a half-hearted effort by B&N certainly won't.

Its all a matter of choice. I have netflix and hulu accounts that I get charged for monthly that I dont even use often enough to justify their low costs. I have however purchased and rented a single movie and tv show from the Play store and MEDIA HUB. I gotta tell you I much rather do one offs than have my CC charged monthly. But thats me and im sure there are others who use get Nook books from BN who would like to do the same with their video content. Again..matter of choice

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Here's hoping to Chromecast support. I will download. I want to check the selection out.

Anyone with a nook care to download and give us run down of the differences between the Android and B&N special version?

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And of course the all to familiar not available in your country sign.

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I have the Nook HD+ and when I try to download the app it says it's not compatible with my device. It's only compatible with my Nexus & and GS4. Can someone please help?!

An article like this would be much more informative if it gave some "price comparisons" for a number of popular titles compared to other providers.

There's already about 3 different ways to skin this same cat. If there selection isn't as good or better *and* their prices lower than Amazon or Google Play, why bother?