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AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest model to receive its Android 4.4 KitKat update, with the OTA now starting to push out to devices. Like previous Note 3 KitKat updates, owners can expect a slightly refreshed UI with white notification bar icons, along with standard Android 4.4 features like immersive mode, album art on the lock screen and wireless printing support. AT&T also says GPS performance should be improved in this latest update.

The carrier has the full list of changes over on its blog for those wanting more details. If you're seeing the update on your AT&T Galaxy Note 3 today, make yourself known in the comments!

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AT&T's Galaxy Note 3 getting KitKat update today


Does it let you say "okay, Google" from the home screen to start Google now? The US cellular version supposedly got that.

This Note 3 update sucks. Galaxy doesn't "wake up" as easily as before - or not at all. I keep getting "I am unable to find a network connection..." In places where I have NEVER had an issue. Does not flow as we'll with my Bluetooth headset anymore. Not all of my emails show up as an asterisk on my emails icon anymore? I don't like the Mono color notification bar. AT&T says "well, it should be better - mine's ok" as if I'm imagining this. Very dissatisfied with AT&T and Samsung. Maybe I'll take T-Mobile up on their recent buy out offer.

They said this day would never come!... And to think how many disgruntled comments were left in the 20+ page thread on the AT&T Community Support Forum. But the real question is, is the GPS working now?

I don't know why. Because of this reason I decided to get the nexus 5 instead of going from a note 2 to a note 3. Oh well, saves me some money I guess

Yeah and you should get the isis sim card and sign up for it when you do and create a Amex Serve account they give you 50 bucks just for signing up. Much better than the 5 bucks Google Wallet gave a few years back

Thanks for the heads up I'm in process of updating it now. I hope you guys post details about what changes there will be. No more nexus envy.

Not Me!!!!
I want my SD card to keep working.
I left Apple because they wanted you to use the Cloud TOO! and pay for the data usage.
What's the difference between Google & Apple.... getting smaller every day.
I have a 64 gig card...with about 40 gig of music and video....
What am I to do

App 2 sd still works.. I have 4.4 on my s4 and it's still there.

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There is absolutely no problem storing music, photos and video on the SD card with the Note 3 running KitKat.

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There is absolutely no problem storing music, photos and video on the SD card with the Note 3 running KitKat.

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im downloading now, removed the SD card and backed up the pics on my pc. formatted the SD card so it can go in fresh once the kitkat update is done. will put the old pics back on after the new changes take place. im hoping to see improved wifi, if not this thing is going back to at&t this week

I hope so, I have a feeling as I've modified the system file (removing bloatware), I won't be able to receive the OTA - and when i had an HTC One X i couldn't get the OTA because I wasn't using att anymore, I was on another network. I hope this isn't the case with this update

You could give it a try to see if it works. If not then you will have to restore the software somehow. You could also switch the sim with an ATT sim card. That worked for me with my G2. I was with t-mobile unlocked and switched the sim and was able to get OTA.

LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat

Good idea, I'll give that a try. I just so happen to have an ATT sim card handy. Sure hope I don't have to do a full system restore with ODIN

Is that an att thing? Sprint doesnt
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

What is the baseband version? I am running the leaked firmware from January/February and it says I'm up to date when I scan for an update. Anyone know if this official update is a newer version or not?

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I hope your great feeling continues. .I've had to get my note replaced due to massive has acknowledged replacement due to bootloader lock.

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I'm in need of some help over here! I tried to manually download the update (just as most people have done it for the past months) this morning (about 6:40 AM in the west coast). However, the AT&T server responded with a "up to date" message.

After several attempts of getting the update by changing the date in my note 3, I now have to wait until April to check again. Am I hopeless?

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Download and installed without a hitch. Works perfectly. But I don't root my phones. Seems faster :)

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After 3 attempted installs. It says install failed. I download it then when I install it does for a few seconds then it says update failed.

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Dont do it! Unless it's only the tmobile update that was a fail. I wish I could go back without rooting to Jellybean.

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Not worth going for. Can't sync my email account, none off the call recorder applications work.I miss you jelly bean

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Update took awhile to download, but no issues installing. Everything is running smooth. I've had it installed for 4 or 5 hours the battery life doesn't seem to be impacted. All the things I was able to access from my SD card before I can still access now. Overall it seem more snappy and I am liking it! Oh and the GPS issue I tested and that seems to have been fixed.

I concur with you. I've tested the GPS thoroughly on a 4 hour trip and it is definitely fixed. No more "GPS signal lost" message anymore.

Has anyone updated and noticed the phone app didn't not change or am I missing a setting it is still showing the jelly bean version
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I updated my note 3 but i have a problem with action memo nd multi windows it dosn't work :'(:-( plz guys help me

Ok and why would anyone care about that, did they update the nba app also? I mean if your 12 or younger than yes, beats would be a priority in life.

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I have the updated but it's seems taking battery life down fast!!!! Only thing I found wrong so far.

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My battery seems to be draining around the same as before. However I did notice that instead of 2.38MB of available RAM there is now 2.71MB. That means that the upgrade uses memory more efficiently so that's definitely a big plus.

My battery life is actually great after the update. My screen time went up to 5 hours from 3 before update.

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Lost connection NFL no galaxy gear watch overwrite tag to connect not acknowledged.have 3 watches 2 tested no acceptance . loaded Samsung appreciate gear management twice. .still no go keyboard is tough don't know why but major issues went directly to at&t store for confirmation of disaster kit kat. Was referred to getting new device since looked bootloader an no easy downgrade options . kit kat nuked my note 3..lame I feel badly for anyone else if a million note 3 get returned maybe they will patch restore who knows.

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I apologies for the typos keyboard upon submit decides NFL. If I don't put a period after word it will change when I hit submit.

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Since I updated ny note 3 camera app has being lagging. The lockscreen take more time to unlock. Randomly the btightness starts to lower. Bad update

Battery life sucks now. I used to go a full work day with 45 to 50 percent battery life left with my samsung gear using bluetooth. Now I have about 25 percent. The changes are not worth it if you are losing battery life.

My battery life is terrible now. Before the update it would last till at least 10 pm or later now at like 4 or 5 I need to charge it.

Same here. Battery life is in the toilet. I hope they release a patch/fix soon. I'm starting to hate OTA updates.

My Galaxy Note 3 was a Christmas present and one of the things I loved about it was the insanely excellent battery life. The worst thing I ever did was push the Check for Updates button I found in settings little over a month ago. It is a power guzzler now and I feel ripped off. If you update your phone you will not notice anything new but that. I noticed no benefit at all. The performance of my phone is less than what it was. This update damaged my phone. All I hear now is my phone screaming to be charged. It will not make it through the day with standby only use. I scramble to turn apps off and optimize power save but nothing helps. This may sound terrible but I am very unhappy and frustrated with this decision and the people responsible. UNDO THIS or I am throwing SAMSUNG out and moving on and not returning TBD. What is wrong with you?