Samsung Skyrocket and HTC Vivid

AT&T's first pair of LTE-capable smartphones -- the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and HTC Vivid -- are available for purchase today for $249 and $199 $149 and $99 (AT&T apparently lowered the price since the announcement) respectively. While both phones will function fine on AT&T's existing HSPA+ network, the cities where you can actually get LTE data are still pretty limited. As of today, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Boston, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Athens, Ga.

The Skyrocket pairs alongside the Galaxy S II already in AT&T's stable, but it ups the Super AMOLED Plus display (at 480x800) to 4.5 inches. It's also got a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, an 8MP rear-facing camer with LED flash, 2MP front-facing camera, 1080p video recording, 16GB of on-board stoarge, and a microSD card slot.

The HTC Vivid has a 4.5-inch qHD display at 540x960 resolution. It's got a 1.2 GHz processor, 8MP rear camera with 1080p video recording, 16GB of on-board storage and a microSD card slot.

More at AT&T: Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket; HTC Vivid

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Nchaka says:

Check your upgrade on AT&T's website (as stated on AC forums) some people are stating the price is down to $149 for Skyrocket and $99 for Vivid! I checked and that price shows in my area.

Slayers says:

What area are you in mine still shows as 199

venom845pd says:

Wonder how much 2gb of data gonna last wow.

Eric D. says:

As soon as Pittsburgh gets LTE... I'm in!

tx_tuff says:

That is some crazy low pricing on LTE phones! Hello Verizon, are you watching?

kurioskurion says:

$99 for the vivid?! That's incredible. I agree with @TX_tuff... Verizon, you should be ashamed of yourself.

erzhik says:

Still $250 in my area... ARGHHH

rexdeaz says:

Similar to how Sprint did it last year there's probably pockets of LTE in most major markets, just not enough for AT&T to advertise it being "available". An AT&T rep informed me that LA has limited LTE already. Check with you're local rep and see if you've got some, too.

They are not at the cheaper price in Atlanta (an LTE market). I did a quick check on 90210 for the zip, and they are cheaper there! :( Seems like it would be more expensive there!

I'm still going to the store in 20 minutes to pick up my LTE goodness. On the fence though as to which one to get. They both look amazing. The HTC has over 30% more pixels than the Samsung. But the smaller battery and non amoled screen are a concern...oh the decision I'm faced with!


How much off contract? ?

Off contract price in Atlanta:
$669 for the Skyrocket
$619 for the Vivid


Whoa??? Ill hold off n get the SG note

Creek says:

I just paid $599 off contractin Katy Texas.

I usually don't have anything good to say about the evilest carrier in the United States but I have to give them credit here on the pricing of these handsets. If people on At&t don't hop on these then they are just DEAD no excuse now...Piss on some silly iphone...

Mr.Froyo says:

THis sucksI have to wait till May! THis will be a long 7 months

enigma2u says:

No u don't have to wait till may get this phone now the specs will still be decent till then and just pay the super cheap price ...if anyone on AT&T passes on these phones for anything else I would slap the. With a iphone (they might lime it lol) and say wtf is wrong with u ...even with no lte in most areas yet this is a killer deal for any of these two phones pick the sammy but then again I am engaged to the Gnex and am waiting for Verizon and the 17 I hope to say I DO LOL

The $99 price is Not available in CT. As soon as my budget allows, I'm getting the Vivid. I've generally preferred HTC products, and my family will be all HTC as soon as I get this.

jonathan3579 says:

Yep, $149.99 for the Samsung Galaxy S (TM) II Skyrocket (TM) and $99.99 for the HTC Vivid (TM) here in Houston, TX. Too bad their plans don't do much when comparing to T-Mobile though.

Edit: Did anyone else notice the Vivid comes in white as well? I'd love to see a rear and side photo of it.

OK, now on to the Reviews. Slashgear and Electronista already have theirs out. Slashgear likes the Vivid. Electronista gave it mixed reviews.

I'm getting the Vivid. I'm not a Sammy fan. I prefer Sense to Touchwiz and HTC is better at updating.

MissMystikle says:

I live in San Diego and at the att store the phones were $199 for the HTC and $249 for the Samsung. However, with my online upgrade with att premier I just paid $149 for the Samsung. I went with Samsung over HTC because it has a bigger battery and might hold up better when our area gets LTE, it has NFC, and gorilla glass. However, while both cameras were good, the HTC had the better camera. Hope I picked the right one!

excberry says:

I'm in San Diego too. I'm not sure what you mean by 'premier.' How exactly did you get the $150 price? Thanks.

MissMystikle says:

With AT&T Premier you can get discounts on service by entering your work/school email and see what discounts are available. For me, I was due for an upgrade and I got the Skyrocket for $149 and didn't have to pay the upgrade fee.

vinny jr says:

Live in the Boston area, Verizon LTE is everywhere and very fast. AT&T just released their LTE and added Boston to their coverage. This is a freaken joke, they have about 3 streets with LTE, what a joke, that's right 3 streets not neighborhoods, streets. I called AT&T and asked about their LTE coverage area, I asked for the manager, I was told that all of Boston was covered and it was going to roll out very fast. I called back and spoke to another manager and I was told that LTE is going to take some time but their HSPA+ was in place. That is also a bunch of bull, you may find pockets of around 3000 killabits at top speed but no where near HSPA+. AT&T is full of shit in plain words and they are taught to lie like rugs to their customers. I will not do business with these sleeze bags. I would love to have LTE and HSPA+ to fall back on if the LTE had issues but AT&T is just such sleeze balls and you can never believe anything they say. Too bad, they need to learn how to tell the truth to their loyal customers.

MrMercedes says:

Relax Bro! Everyone knows these companies lie. Nothing new. If you don't like the company don't use them.

keith2k1 says:

Man you vz people just hate for no reason #brainwashed

cbn4forums says:

This morning I picked up the Samsung GSII Skyrocket for $249, in the DC/Baltimore area. This devices is faster than the older GSII that I returned last week before my 30days (yes, it cost me $35 for restocking). Download/upload speeds are crazy fast.. Speedtest gives me an average of 20.5Mbps/10Mbps. Also it is just faster CPU-wise with the 1.5GHz dual-core processor.

keith2k1 says:

Talk to customer care....I bet they will credit your $35.00 on your account.

LordGeek says:

Well it seems that where-ever AT&T currectly has LTE coverage, thats where you're going to see the low prizes on these phones, HTC $99 / SGSIIS $149 .. here in Cleveland, Ohio, AT&T still has them listed at there original costs .. THIS SUCKS.

Check out what I posted on XDA's forum:

Iamdunne says:

Chicago suburbs went to At&t store showing higher prices here

shift_louie says:

I got my Vivid for $99 in Houston. result is 22.15 mbps download and 12.17 mbps upload. Loving LTE.

erwaso says:

$199 for vivid in Denver area :(

pounder001 says:

Non LTE Market here in the Memphis area, $249 for the Skyrocket, too bad I didn't have an upgrade and had to pay $599.99 plus 9.25% tax :(

Iamdunne says:

When I checked Amazon Wireless they
were both $199

Mepaphoros says:

Walked into a Manhattan store and they had it for $99. I want it, but i want an extended battery as well.