Galaxy S4

16GB AT&T Galaxy S4 for $199.99, 32GB model priced at $249.99

AT&T has updated its pricing details for the Galaxy S4, indicating that it'll offer Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone in both 16 and 32-gigabyte flavors. If it's the base 16GB model you're after, that'll set you back $199.99 up-front on a two-year plan. 32GB will run you $249.99. Previously the carrier had stated it'd sell the S4 for $249.99, without specifying an internal storage amount.

By contrast, AT&T's HTC One comes with 32GB for $199.99 orĀ 64GB for $299.99.

Of course, additional built-in storage isn't as much of a concern on the Galaxy S4, on account of its microSD slot. But extra base storage isn't to be sniffed at, if you've got the cash.

Source: AT&T


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AT&T updates Galaxy S4 pricing, will offer 16GB model for $200


Nice to have choices. First time I can recall att selling a galaxy phone with more that 16 gb internal storage. A step in the right direction!

Awesome, glad its only $199. I was going to get it even if it was $249 but hey, $50 is $50 and if i can save it then awesome.

I was hoping for a 64GB version on AT&T and since Verizon hasn't even commented at all on their GS4, I am looking to move carriers and pick up an AT&T 32GB GS4. We still don't know if it will be available at launch, a few weeks or months later or online only. But $199 for $16GB is good especially since Apple charges more.

Not that i'm defending Apple or anything, but their 16GB phones have always been $199.

Now the 32GB option Apple charges more at $299 while the S4 will be $249. So thats nice.

The only thing is the iphone has no removable storage so even with a16 gig you can add 32 gigs now 64 gigs making it a 48 or 80 gig phone with a removeable batter making it a better buy even thoughthe iphones nice and the ones beautiful I like having those options

Well the like the 16gb S3, the price hasn't changed for the 16gb S4. Which is great,still $200.00 on contract. I know the HTC One 32gb model is $200.00 but offset that with fact the S4 has an SD slot. So kind of a draw here.

Like the HTC One, I'm curious to see what Best Buy, Amazon and Radioshack price these at? Also what incentives/freebies they'll offer?

you mean before your upgrade eligibility? do what I'm going to do - take your old phone to best buy, trade that one in, and use the credit toward the S4.

I'd rather sell my phone on craigslist than trade it in for store credit. When I got my SGS3 I sold my SGS1 for $125.00

usually I would too. but I'm not eligible for an upgrade any time soon and don't have the money to pay full price for a phone. so the instant credit works nicely for me. best buy's offer for my current phone was very very nice; which is the reason why I'm even considering the GS4.

If you don't have the money to pay full price for a phone perhaps you shouldn't be upgrading phones that often...

I like Android Central but i hate when every site says storage is not a issue because you can use a SD card. SD card does diddly squat since 4.1 unless your rooted or storing photos and music. You will have people thinking 16 internal gigs is alot and that if they buy a 32-64 gig micro sdcard they can store many more apps. Please start explaining only internal storage can be used for apps.

hey, any chance u can get you to elaborate on that a bit, what would you need a 32 or even 64 phone over the 16gb, like i get app storage but what apps are really using that much storage? thank you for the help

Hey can someone please help me out with this, I was wondering what do you need so much storage on a phone for, when almost everything is on the clouds now a days, especially things like Spotify. Mainly why do you need a phone with more than 16gb?? Thank you for the help!

Cloud sucks unless you always have perfect service and have unlimited data. Myself, I lose service in planes and subways. Even sitting at my desk, service can drop down to Edge speeds when the office is full. And even when things go perfectly, relying on cloud for everything means watching what I stream because otherwise I'm paying $10 extra per GB.

It's just not a reliable option for a lot of people. An SD card on the other hand lets me put 20-30GB of music and photos/videos and when I buy a new phone, I don't have to bother resyncing that stuff again, I just throw the card in the new phone. I also back up important data to the SD card so if the phone dies, retrieving that data is as simple as pulling the card.

so this is internal storage right?

im curious why internal storage even needs 16gb if just apps are on there...everythin else is on sd