In a move that probably should have happened a while ago, AT&T just released their myWireless Mobile for Android devices (which is currently only the Motorola Backflip). The AT&T myWireless Mobile app allows users to keep track of their AT&T account by being able to view & pay the bill, view usage for minutes, data, and messaging, and even allows users to add or remove features. It's pretty much the AT&T website re-packaged in a nice tidy mobile app. You'll have to sign up for a myWireless account to take advantage of the app but we'd suggest you AT&T Android users do that, there's nothing better than seeing how many Megabytes of data usage you can squeeze from them. [at&t via phonescoop]


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AT&T releases myWireless Mobile app for Android


hah, this is very cool.

I have an ATT Blackberry account but use the BB SIM in my Nexus and was just able to browse to the app in the market, download, sign in and I'm off and running.

I bet ATT didn't expect nexus users to be downloading this app!:D

I'm sure they know and wanted us to download it ... If not, it probably wouldn't be compatible with our Nexus One.

It's compatible for anyone with an ATT SIM in their device

It was just a joke, I know they don't care.:D Paying my bill is all they care about.;)

My question is for the nexus one users on att 3g with 5 dollar media net plans. Would this app allow att to see the device info that you log in with?

Anyone else find this underwhelming? This would be a WOW, COOL, FANTASTIC! moment if they had something other than the Backflip and unsubsidized Nexus One on their network. Maybe this is a sign of things to come? Hopefully SOON?