AT&T One X

There's not a lot to go on here, and so far nobody has come forward to tell how well (or how poorly) it runs, but a new RUU has leaked out for the AT&T One X. The update brings the One X to version 1.85.502, and breaks all current rooting methods. It's a standard HTC RUU, so that means Windows only and the proper drivers need to be installed. Note that this may not be the final update version, and you may end up stuck with it if you flash it.

Anyone who gives this one a try should be sure to let the rest of us know about any changes or improvements. Grab it at the source link.

Source: XDA-Developers


Reader comments

AT&T One X RUU leaks, brings version 1.85.502 with it


This ruu update works excellent been running it since yesterday. It also contiains the wifi fix to fix the one x problems with wifi connection. it is also a bit faster and smoother than stock rom. Lastly root still works, just use the one click method to root again after update and make sure usb debugging is check.

Is there any sense as to how much longer we have until this rolls out officially? So far, I'm having only some minor issues with my phone, but would love for them to be fixed, and this update is supposed to fix most of them.

Anyone know if this fixes the issue with the clock drifting when the phone is asleep and not on mobile data? I leave mine on WiFi most of the time (on the 300MB plan currently) and overnight, the clock loses a few minutes of time. Once I wake it up, it catches up after a few minutes.

Also, I know the previously leaked update wiped the phone. I'm hoping the official update doesn't do that.


My phone is rooted and I have been able to fix the multitasking issue because of it. If this thing breaks root can the phone be rooted again the same way?

I've been running 1.85.502 since it was leaked and have had zero issues with it. Wifi seems to be fixed, battery life seems better and like other posts have noted the system seems more responsive overall.