HTC One on AT&T

32GB for $199.99, 64GB for $299.99, pre-orders start April 4

AT&T has announced that its HTC One will go on sale from April 19. The device will be sold on two-year plans with 32GB of storage for $199.99, in addition to the AT&T-exclusive 64GB model that'll set you back $299.99. AT&T's also offering a free HTC Media Link HD streaming box with on-contract pre-orders.

The release timing gives the HTC One a crucial couple of weeks on store shelves in the U.S. ahead of the launch of its main competitor, Samsung's Galaxy S4.

The AT&T HTC One will be available for pre-order starting this Thursday, Apr. 4, at 1 p.m. CDT, so if you're looking to guarantee yourself a handset, that's when you'll want to place your order.

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Reader comments

AT&T HTC One coming April 19, starting at $199


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Being Lower Priced then the S4 is a real smart move...

I hope people realize how good this device is and it sells well

Yeah, but $100 more for 32GB more storage is still a ripoff. For example, a 32GB SD card is what, $20?

im confused on what you mean $100 more for 32GB? Every device out there charges the same for a 32GB version that i know of. If it bothers you that much then buy the 32GB version and buy your 32GB SD card and your all set. But from my experience the data transfer speed is always going to be faster with built in memory versus sd so i would rather go with internal and if i needed anymore then buy an SD. But this is all mute seeing that were talking about a phone that does not have SD support :)

$550. AT&T's off contract price for smartphones other than the iPhone is the on contract price plus $350.

I hope people buy it as well, we need some real competition in Android.

I'm guessing off contract is 600ish.

Well I'm on Sprint and I have an EVO 4G LTE with a 64GB memory card which already has 40GB on it. Guess I wont be getting the HTC ONE. I know I'm in the minority when it comes to memory usage, but what the hell are they thinking giving an exclusivity on memory to AT&T.....dumb move....Does anyone know if Sprint will ever get the 64GB model????????

I doubt it. The 64GB S3 never existed, and no one in the states had an exclusivity on that.

By the time the exclusivity ends, the S4 will be out, the iPhone 5S may be out and Google may have a new Motorola phone on Sprint.

Sprint won't waste time or money buying or trying to market a storage option that "few" people really care for.

That's my observation, anyway.

I understand what both of you guys are saying and I agree with you both. My thing is this, the last thing that HTC needed was any exclusives at all. They needed to get this out to everyone in all colors and storage capacities. Yes he is in the minority and that's ok but when you are in the position that HTC is in you simply cannot limit sales on any level of the scale be it the majority or the minority. This is a great phone and the only way for people to know that is for HTC to get it into as many hands as possible.

I agree 100%. At&t probably played hardball (threatened not to carry the One) with HTC, because of the fact that Verizon isn't carrying the One. Hopefully, those people - that would like to purchase the 64GB variant on other carriers - are able to do so.

yup not paying an extra $100 for 32gb more and i don't want just 32gb with no removable storage card option. guess i'll be waiting for the Xperia Z/ZL.

Agreed 100.00 is very steep for just 32gb extra when a card cost less than half of that price. Either HTC is jacking up the price or my bet is ATT is jacking it up because they have the exclusives for who knows how long on the 64Gb version. SMH

Yeah, this is fcking bshit! I mean, with the iPhone, at least you can pay $100 extra for another 16GB! This is only 32GB! Oh wait...

You can find a decent 32GB micro sd card for around $20 on Amazon, with some costing slightly more or less, depending on the brand.

Now, I sort of understand the gripes that some people have about non-expandable storage.

I hope someone tells the AT&T stores about this. I tried talking to someone at a local store and he said this was just a rumor, that the only pre-order he knew of was the S4 later this month.