Galaxy Note 2 OTA

The AT&T Galaxy Note 2 is receiving a small update today that has updated the baseband on the device and made what AT&T is calling a "chipset security enhancement". The update is small -- just about 8.5MB -- so as you'd expect we're sticking with Android 4.1.2 for the time being. The only front-facing change will be the software build number and basedband version. We're looking at a movement to build and baseband MA4, from LK7 previously. The security enhancement is likely a fix related to the Exynos security vulnerability that was recently discovered.

Some members in our forums are having the update hit their devices, and say that it is only available to download over Wifi. Have you received the update and are seeing something new on your device? Head to the forums and let us know.

Source: AT&T Support; More: AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Forums; Thanks, Garrett!


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AT&T Galaxy Note 2 receiving small security fix OTA update


Don't know why but I can't update. I download over wifi then at 29% it says update failed phones rooted stock.

I updated my phone yesterday too and today I cannot connect to my 4G/LTE network. Has anyone else experience the same problem? What else does the update include?

AT&T Note2/stock OS