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We already got the nod earlier in the week that Radio Shack was dropping the price of the AT&T HTC One X to $100, but now AT&T has followed suit. Thats right, you can now head over to AT&T directly and pick up the mighty HTC One X for just $99.99 on a new 2-year contract.

The no commitment price sits at $449.99 which for a smartphone as capable as the One X isn't a bad deal at all. It applies to both colors, and is available at these prices on the AT&T website right now. If you've been holding out, now is as good a time as any. And, if you haven't already, don't forget to check out our full review before parting with your dough.

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AT&T drops the price of the HTC One X to $99.99 on contract


Well, maybe the lack of storage options hurt it with the S3 so close. I know that if I were an AT&T customer I would have never considered this phone for a second, because the last storage-locked android device I had had 14GB of usable space and I ran out. I'd never be able to make due with the 10 the One X gives you.

Besides multitasking, which should be fixed someday in software, the One X has a fatal storage flaw.

If HTC was smart enough to make a version of this handset that ran Android ICS without Sense out of the box, then this would have been a much better product.

Not really sure how you figure that this phone without Sense is a worse phone. Sense is a resource hog, on memory and battery.

Android 4.0 and above does not need UI overlays anymore.

In my opinion removing Sense and having a phone that is faster, smoother and has increased memory and battery life is an upgrade not a downgrade.

If everyone released a phone with stock Android there'd be no reason to release different phones in the first place. We'd only ever need to have the Nexus line...and then it'd become boring, and very much the same as that fruity company that only has one phone

You also forget that people who read this site are the minority. The majority of average consumers probably wouldn't be as bothered about stock Android. The additions OEM's like HTC and Samsung add to their phones are what make them the most money around the world. How many SGS3's have been sold? Over 10 million, theres no way that there's been that many GNex's been sold. 

And FWIW, I like choice. Choice is a good thing, it keeps everyone innovating. Why would you not expect an AC writer to appreciate the choice you get when faced with Sense, and Touchwiz, and stock, and others. I like Sense 4.0

Android isn't just for geeks you know...

Get out of here with your logic and non-fanboy ramblings. This is the Android Central comments section, you should know better.

(You're totally right Richard, it's pretty obvious the general populace likes Sense or HTC wouldn't put resources into developing it)

Excellent points Richard.. That is the EXACT reason I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy Note... It is unlike ANY other phone on the market.. And I am LOVING IT.. ( I could care less about the Vaporware G-Note 2 ) does everyone drive a Grey 4 door sedan....? Or want to because its "No Frills"? *To Each His Own*.

what are you talking about? he's absolutely correct. who the hell wants to only be able to get the same phone every time they upgrade?

Well that's a great point as well, and that's the direction these manufacturers should move toward. Make only one low, mid and high tier handset per year so the priority will be based on handset quality and not about pumping out as many phones as possible.

Oh and let's not forget about how it will be easier to support the products on the software side as well.

Let your hardware be the reason your product sells over the competition. Let Android handle the software side.

are you kidding me bro? no reason to release a different phone with stock android?

I have been installing roms on HTC phones to get rid of sense since windows mobile, and i am still doing it 5 years later.

HTC needs to make a good product, ONE X shows exactly how bad they failed, the device has everything (almost)

-put in the removable storage
-put in removable battery
-put in stock android

^ HTC X is now a 10x better phone.

Removing Sense wouldn't make the phone "faster" or "smoother" as the latest version has been optimised very well and the current processors have absolutely no problem running it at all, as for battery life the latest Sense makes very little difference to that.

Overall I'd personally say the benefits outweigh any slight negatives there might be and there's still enough contained in Sense that hasn't been introduced into vanilla yet to make it worth it.

Have you seen the size of a stock sense 4 ROM? Not really sure how people think that sense 4 has slimmed down.

They have ballooned up to over 600mb file size. Stock ICS with GApps is well under 250mb.

So yes, sense is still bloated no matter how you look at it.

What I was saying was that with the current generation of processors and the way in which its been developed it makes little to no difference to the speed of the phone which is very much true and therefore whether you think its bloated or not makes no difference.

Totally wrong.The difference between the One X with Sense and the One X with stock is HUGE. The whole reason they cut back on the multitasking is because sense eats up too much RAM and makes the phone lag. Seriously, this phone is SO much better and smoother after installing an AOPK ROM and the multitasking is perfect. Anyone who thinks sense is just as fast as stock doesn't know what the hell they're talking about.

Problem is you're talking about AOKP like it is isn't. It might LOOK stock, but under the hood it's a different story.

I've tried many different Roms and whether one is slightly faster than another is completely irrelevant, its stock speed of the phones software (which is what the vast majority of people will use) I'm talking about and a Nexus is no faster than the One X with Sense and neither is the S3.

Even before I rooted I never had any slow down or lag on my Quad core One X, the Senseless roms may be a little quicker but in general day to day use their no different and don't have the benefits that Sense provides and the AR HD Sense Rom I'm using at the moment has switched to regular multitasking yet keeps the same smooth lag free quality I had before.

So no I'm not "totally wrong"

It may be faster running JB (which would be an unfair comparison against an ICS phone) but with ICS there's very little appreciable difference in speed and having tried both if anything I felt the quad core One X was faster (and so it should be quite frankly with the difference in hardware).

You also forget to point out 1 big thing.

Most people will install something like ADW Launcher over their sense, making their device even more bogged down. Sense is so heavily intertwined into the rom that is almost never goes away.

It has so few customization options, there is no reason half my bottom bar needs to be taken up by "phone"

Its all just crap and makes it more annoying to use someone elses phone vs say Samsung and Moto.

Look even Moto has reduced Moto Blur by a margin, its actually very lightweight.

People also install loads of crapware on their phones, so when these things all add up, they drain battery life and slow it down more.

This is why most people hate Android, they buy a different phone and its completely different, with different preloaded crapware, and UI. It doesnt need to be like that.

Sense is use to differentiate from other phone makers. Android 4.0 and above may not need it, but the average customer likes to see the difference (with the added functionality that said skins offers) between say an HTC and a Samsung. The average reader who frequent these sites prefer plain android because they feel that not only is it faster and possibly better on battery life, but that it's the first to get updates (Except for the fact that it has to be a GSM version). Also, that skins such as Sense slows down the update process. If I recall, I remember when the original Evo 4g was release in June of 2010. By August of 2010 it was updated to 2.1 Froyo. Rare, I know, but still an example that the skins are not always at fault for the slow delays of android updates.

Bottom line, skins are for the average consumers walking into a store to see the different options of phones to purchase. If all of them were to use just plain vanilla android, I personally believe it would be harder to sell (If you don't believe me, just take a look at Windows Phone 7).

Well since the Sense overlay is significant and as others state is a battery hog, the Moto UI on the Atrix HD is about as close to sock Android as we've seen on any device outside of the GNex.. That coupled with the fact that the Atrix HD DOES have a microSD slot and a screen that is equal to if not better than the HTC still make it a contender. What it boils down to know is whether you choose the HTC with its awkward multi-tasking and problematic WiFi and other issues but good camera, or the Atrix with a not so great camera but smoother UI. And Amazon sells the Atrix for $50, and am willing to bet we'll see the One X on Amazon for the same price soon.

NOT. True.
Go read the forums.
The same wifi chipset is in the dual core and the quad core. (Atheros WCN3660).

It's screen isn't equal to or a better, lol. There isn't a single reviewer who has said that. Even Jerry said it's good, but nowhere NEAR as good as the One X.

Yeah there are, just because you havent seen or heard them do it, doesn't mean they haven't. I can think of at least 3 who have.

It's screen isn't equal to or a better, lol. There isn't a single reviewer who has said that. Even Jerry said it's good, but nowhere NEAR as good as the One X.

According to Joshua at AT&T, there is an update coming out sometime in the next two weeks to address the WiFi issue. HTC has acknowledged that it is a software bug and is readying an update now.

We'll see if that's true or not.

Joshua is supposed to call me back this Saturday with an update.


They probably had low sales due to no expandable memory or a replaceable battery. I love HTC Sense but the Samsung Galaxy was a better choice for me. Hopefully this will be the last time HTC makes this mistake.

I bet. What were They thinking anyway with the non removable battery and no expandable storage? Sure that's gonna hurt sales. Have you see how the iPhone has been doing? Geeze....

Richard I hear you....and the message that Google sent with the GNex was very clear...they want us using the cloud. But I have a message for Google....You either start paying my data plan bill, or give me the option to have large local storage. I am an avid user of Google Drive, Dropbox, and Asus WebStorage, but all option fail when:

1. You don't have signal or wifi.
2. Large files and music can put a dent on data use.
3. Frequent use can yield to expensive data consumption

I own my own business and when I bought the G Note, and used it to replace all my notes and took over as my primary device, I saw my 3GB plan reach a third of capacity within the first 5 days. I then went out and bought a 32GB card, and kept the consumption below 3GB for the remainder of the month.

My point is that while I can appreciate that Google has a plan for a centralized repository, they should not have to force it down on me by limiting my selection of options already available. If I wanted to be told how to use my device, I would have bought an iPhone!

Expandable or replaceable battery is becoming less and less relevant.. With ICS on my new GS3, I am getting about 17 hrs of moderate use, but as high as in the 20+ hrs with light use. Expandable memory on the other hand...I like the idea of having the 64GB on my GS3...files, music, and movies...without having to pay again for what is already mine!

I played with this phone in their store a while back. Great phone and screen but no SD slot and no replaceable battery = Fail.

HTC is famous for releasing near perfect phones with massive Fails

Look at their entire Windows Mobile history, it took them 2-3 years to realize that people will not buy a 500 dollar smartphone with no 3.5mm headphone jack.

They made sales, sure.

How can you think by limiting things, your gonna get more sales. Who was dumb enough at HTC to say, yes we remove storage, we make non-removable battery and we will sell well!

Who ever thought of that needs to be fired today.

If HTC wants to continue loading their handsets with Sense then maybe they should consider giving the customer the choice after they have purchased the product.

Make an official non sense version of the RUU available on the HTC website for anyone to download and install if they prefer the non Sense experience.

HTC needs to start thinking outside the box and start doing things differently if they want to gain lost market share back.

Offering Stock Android won't win back market share. It will win back the Android Geeks. That won't be enough to overhaul Samsung not by a long throw

I more support using stock ICS and then making it "HTC brand" by overlaying things like apps, widgets, fonts, icons, backgrounds, and other things that are are all preinstalled but optional. Leave the OS alone. They would end up with something more stable, easier to support, and have far less effort with each update. Everybody would win- geeks, regular people, and HTC. There is just no need for "custom" Android anymore.

Their tampering with the OS really F***ed up the multitasking on the One X and Evo LTE.

Good thing you don't work for HTC. It'd be a shame to hire someone who seriously thinks the masses care about stock Android vs manufacturer overlays. I mean hell.... The Galaxy Nexus has sold so well, right? Seriously, Android nerds are the only ones your comment applies to. Most people don't know about Sense issues, multitasking issues and all that. The things you people are saying will not effect sales....

Indeed, HTC isn't an HTC Android device without Sense. If I wanted stock Android ROM I would pray for a Cyanogenmod support for it or a brilliant porter.

Everyone is missing the point here.

There are people that like sense. Perfect. Let them have sense.

There are people that prefer stock Android. Give them that option without the need to root.

It should be up to the consumer which they prefer and choose to use.

Again, you can't say that HTC is doing things right because their continued loss of market share shows they need to CHANGE the way they do business.

I have many friends that have or had older versions of Android with Sense and MUCH prefer the look and feel of my stock Android experience on my Nexus. So saying that stock Android is for the minority is wrong. The GNex was not going to be a huge success because vzw didn't want it to be. They push the RAZR to every customer.

When have customers even had the chance to experience it? They haven't because manufacturers force their UI over stock Android.

Stop investing money into creating software to bloat Android and put it into making better hardware. Period.

And you can't compare the performance of my Galaxy Nexus to my ReZound. My GNex flies because it's not bloated with Sense.

But I am forced to use Sense on my ReZound because there is no way to get true AOSP on it.

You were given an option and you chose a devise with sense, so in the future if you don't want a devise with a skin look else where. Why should HTC or any OEM cater to a hand full of geeks that wants stock Android. Besides not having stock Android hasn't slowed the sales of the GS3.

Thank You.

Well Said.

HTC needed to spend what Sammy spent on advertising.. and they would have got more of those June/July dollars..

Geeks think Geek.

The average consumer could care less about 99% of the issues discussed here "Pure Android".. "Multitasking Issues".. "Non-Removable Batteries" they could care less..

HTC had that guy running listening to music on his one x lol.

I agree. People online care about multitasking and vanilla aos. Shouldn't have got htc of you don't like sense. Or just download anew launcher or root and put a new rom.

No need to complain.

You want stock Android, you buy a Nexus. If you buy anything else, then you're more interested in hardware than the experience of vanilla Android. I made the same mistake, I fell in love with the One X screen and camera. But I went back to a GNex because I enjoy the stock experience. 

You want a HTC phone, you buy an Android based Sense HTC phone. Even Vic Gundotra himself hit it on the head by referring to his "Android based Samsung Galaxy S 3." Why should HTC give you the choice? If you don't like their software you don't buy their phones. Frankly they don't care, they make their Android based phones, they sell them, and a lot of people like them.

This type of advice is nonsense. Perhaps many of us buy non-Nexus because we only have one "Nexus" choice, and it is sucky hardware...

Some of us want to have our cake (great hardware) and eat it too (non-totally-corrupted Android), and without losing warranty and updates.

Or if you're like me and you're stuck on att you get the One X because it's a better device than the gnex (which isn't available on att anyway)and then root it unlock the bootloader and run cm10 like I am currently. Just waiting for a camera fix and it'll be perfect which is pretty good considering both 4.1 and the kernal source for the One X haven't been out long.

this phone failed for me due to the ridiculously low internal storage and inadequate battery situation, give me 64g internal and a removable batt (or at least 2100 mah and it blows the gs3 away

I agree....and disagree at the same time.

Give more storage....but not at the expense of locked internal storage. I prefer the option to buy my own SDCard with what ever capacity and speed rating i deem reasonable for me. a SG3 16GB is $199, the 32GB is $250.....I bought the 16GB, and added a 32GB class 4 card for $ I have 48GB (minus system of course) for a total $220!

Most people never use the full 16GB provided to them. My wife has a 8GB card, and she takes tons of pictures...she has no issues. I use mine for business and music so this option works well for me too.

Expandable memory is a good idea to the consumer. Nerd or not, people understand storage. Most ppl interested in music and movies also want storage, and today's economy people are also savvy of ways to maximize their dollar. SD card slots is that way.

This phone is down to $99 dollars because at&t can't sell it at the same price as the S3. HTC screwed it up and made it laggy and slow because of the bloat that is HTC Sense. If HTC doesn't get Sense under control soon or start shipping all their phones with two gigs of RAM they will be in real trouble.

At $100, this would make a great phone for someone that is new to Android and doesn't care about specs. And I agree, the future of Android handsets may have removable batteries, but will likely not have expandable storage, as more and more companies are starting to implement cloud services. I suppose it was the success that Apple has had with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that has created the notion that less and less consumers care for expandable storage, and more for onboard storage and user experience. I can honestly say that if the Galaxy S3 did not come with expandable storage, I would have bought the 64GB version (when it became available) as it would have been more than enough room for me. In my experience, onboard storage tends to be more stable and faster at using data between folders than SD cards.

Oh please, boys, choice is a wonderful thing. Stop the bloody bickering. I have the international HOX and it's perfect, Sense and all.

ha! i remember when oneX first come out, all the htc lovers talking about how great it was. talking about hiw it would out do the s3. it was all a pipedream and they were lost in it. right now S3 is
king and oneX! numbers dnt lie. sammy deserves it, they did awesome with S3. this price
is where oneX should have started for better sales.
it looks cheap and toyish compared to the sleek,
saavy, pro look of the S3.

I have the One X on AT&T. Got it three weeks ago... Ad got my price match guarantee today. Aside from the multitasking issue, I love it.

I got one about 2 weeks ago for $199. If I go into an ATT store will they price match and refund the difference?

The problem is lack of expandable memory.... also lack of internal memory and marketing....they market there buts off in china and look they are selling way more phones

Yeah I noticed this a few days ago when my staples store got the green light early to drop it to 99 bucks still seems like a good deal to me

...Meanwhile T-Mobile is still charging (on contract) $250 - $50 (good luck if you can get it) rebate on the HTC One-S for $199. T-Mobile is certainly making up for having slightly cheaper data plans by lately jacking up the prices of their phones

Um, didn't get thru all of the posts but I'm running the Vz gNex with Vicious Toro rom and let me tell you, my buddy at work running S3 ICS noticed that mine seems a lot faster/smoother. Don't get me wrong, his S3 is plenty fast but there's a lot to be said about the manufacturer's overlays that hog tie the device straight from the factory. There are clearly some nice enhancements and visuals that the manu's bring with their frame work, but at the rate that latest iterations of android are catching up, I can't justify the extra heft.

They have to pay/get paid somehow... thank God, most android devices you buy have a developer community to support rooting/roms.

Um, didn't get thru all of the posts but I'm running the Vz gNex with Vicious Toro rom and let me tell you, my buddy at work running S3 ICS noticed that mine seems a lot faster/smoother. Don't get me wrong, his S3 is plenty fast but there's a lot to be said about the manufacturer's overlays that hog tie the device straight from the factory. There are clearly some nice enhancements and visuals that the manu's bring with their frame work, but at the rate that latest iterations of android are catching up, I can't justify the extra heft.

They have to pay/get paid somehow... thank God, most android devices you buy have a developer community to support rooting/roms.

You guys are arguing over nothing,yea the one x has htc sense. Its to make it different. I dont what a phone that looks like bob's from down the street or my sister roothy. I would kill myself before i ever got an iphone,why
.? Cause they are all the same. Everywhere i go i see that over rated,overpriced junk in everyones hands and they have no idea what that piece of crap is or whats under the hood. They just like it cause its an iphone. Androids are so much better but i like mime to be different. Htc sense is different,qhit complaining and get a nexus if you want a stock ics or jb phone. -__________________-