If you've been holding out for the monstrous HTC Inspire 4G on AT&T then you can now head on over to their website and place your order. Although, Costco and various other places have been selling the device for a few days now this is the first time you've been able to order it up direct from AT&T. That said; if 2-year $99.99 contract price is not really to your liking you may want to look at the no-contract pricing for the Inspire 4G. AT&T currently has it listed for only $399.99 and that's one hell of a deal if you ask us. Hop on into the forums and share the joy with others. [AT&T]


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AT&T off contract price for the HTC Inspire 4G only $399.99


Is this the official AT&T pricing for the off-contract Atrix ?
By the way :
Is the off-contract Atrix locked to AT&T ? Or u can use any SIM you want ?

WHOA, so if you pre-order the Atrix online you get at&t's instant $100 online rebate........which makes the Atrix off-contract to be $399.99, THE EXACT PRICE OF THE INSPIRE.

Jump on it now, I say!

Whenever you buy a phone from a carrier off contract the phone is the exact same device as if you were to buy it on contract.
It will be locked to the carrier, but since you bought it off contract they have to give you the sim unlock code if you ask for it without any of the "you have to have had service for 3 months with us" bs since it was an off contract purchase.

I don't know why people make such a fuss or pay money to unlock their phones all of the time honestly. Just ask for the unlock code and they'll give it to you. I usually get my unlock code when I get my phone. Whenever they ask Why I need it? I tell them so I use sim cards that aren't AT&T if I want, why else would I need it? Then I just look at them like they're retarded n they give me my code. Simple.

If it's a contract phone, the person who asks for the code must be the person whose account the phone is originally registered to else they will not provide the code.

I'm currently with Virgin Mobile (no contract). I call the local ATT stores in my area and told them I want to buy the phone outright for $399 and they told me " WE CAN NOT SELL IT TO YOU BECAUSE currently YOU ARE NOT WITH ATT" What kind of b.s is that??????

Are they jerking me around?

Well, the atrix is nice and has better specs, but still a moto-fucin-rola so I welcome the Inspire and will get one to finally say good by to the milestone :D

Spec wise, the Atrix is def the superior device. The inspire is dated already. It's not even a new phone. Just new to AT&T. It's just a Desire HD in a new color.
I won't touch the Atrix unless someone figures out how to unlock the bootloader honestly. I'm still waiting for HTC to release something worth my time.

Preorders are up for the Atrix already. Thats probably what you saw.

So Verizon puts the TB at $750, and AT&T prices a similar phone for about half that. Just sayin'

The Thunderbolt has LTE a second gen snapdragon with the better Adreno 205 GPU and a better LCD than the Inspire 4G. But even with that it's not worth $750. Not without a dual core chip and a qHD display.

The Thunderbolt and Inspire have the same Snapdragon in them. So basically you're paying $350 for LTE and a FFC. Not worth it at all.

You act like their is 1 phone carrier superior to everyone else world wide......
Different areas=different coverage from all carriers.
Ya most likely don't have, nor ever had AT&T and say their 3G is bad because it was the in thing to do ever since AT&T got the iPhone and noone else had it for so many years...........

Guess what? Coverage in my area looks like this. AT&T>Verizon>T-Mo>Sprint.
Also, the only phone I've ever had issues with and suffered dropped calls with was the iPhone. I put that blame on Apple, not AT&T since it was ONLY their phone I had issues with.

How can you blame Apple for it? the iPhone did nothing, it was AT&T not being prepared for overall network congestion and not upgrading their network in a fashionable manner to handle all the network congestion.

because every phone I've had worked/works perfectly fine EXCEPT when I had an iPhone...............
When every phone I've had on AT&Ts network worked/works flawlessly except my old iPhone, I blame the iPhone and not AT&T. It's pretty simple actually... ;) lol

you're obviously talking out of your A$$. at&t have the largest and best network in north America 3G 4G LTE, you name it: surf the web,check email,make reservation, texting,checking your bank account and all this while talking on the phone. when your favorite carrier have those features then you can bad mouth at&t.

Best vioce coverage. Thats it. Just look at there maps. Not the voice coverage one on tv your probably refering to but there 3g coverage map your boasting so much about. On there own web site.
I agree with the earlyer poster that it depends on your area who is better but for someone else to boast that att has better 3g overall is rediculous.

AT&T will have the best 3G coverage for years to come..... of course everyone else will have full 4G, 5G, 6G, etc. coverage.

Verizon has a larger network than AT&T, AT&T just has 1 million more customers than Verizon. And it sounds like all you did was copy the commercial. I like how you automatically assume that I'm a CDMA network, what if I am on AT&T and I'm bad mouthing it for a bad experience and can't get out until my contract runs out because I don't want to pay and ETF? You shouldn't assume before you post.

Maybe the Xoom isn't that expensive after-all. I mean, a phone that does not have a qHD screen, nor does it have dual core, nor does it even have Gingerbread...is HALF the price of the Xoom, a TEN inch tablet with HD screen, dual core processor...and Honeycomb! Makes the Xoom look underpriced!

AT&T HTC Inspire is $99 with two year contract.
Verizon HTC Thunderbolt is $249 with two year contract.

Same phone? What's up with the pricing?

Too bad AT&T coverage sucks where I live and work.

I guess you pay more for working service.

Well, I like HTC and I wanted to upgrade to a 4g phone so I bought my Inspire today. HTC from my experience and reviews make good products. I bought an Aria last year and I liked it alot. HTC sense is tha bomb.

I was able to get the phone for $299 by renewing my contract.

Do you guys /gals know what they told me? Are they bulls$%#ing with me or are they telling me the truth.

I'm currently with Virgin Mobile (no contract). I call the local ATT stores in my area and told them I want to buy the phone outright for $399 and they told me " WE CAN NOT SELL IT TO YOU BECAUSE currently YOU ARE NOT WITH ATT" What kind of b.s is that??????

Are they jerking me around?