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The FCC has just released information detailing a deal between AT&T and a company called Broadband Wireless Unlimited for 700MHz spectrum in several markets around the country. Concerned parties have until November 14th to submit complaints on the deal, but if it were to be approved as it stands, AT&T would receive license to more spectrum in the B Block of the 700MHz band -- right where it currently operates its LTE network -- in specific markets where additional bandwidth is needed.

The markets in question where this spectrum would be applicable are Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Depending on the market, AT&T would have anywhere between 70 and 125MHz of spectrum available for use post-acquisition.

Source: FCC


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AT&T buying up more 700MHz spectrum


NO.. You The CONSUMER is buying more Bandwidth...

$96.48 for a 450 minute / 3 Gig Data/Txt Plan.... FAIL !

Unlocked Note *1* on T-Mo on the $30.00 a Month UNLIMITED HSPA+/Txt 100 minute Plan and LOVING IT....


um, you do realize that people do want LTE (need is a different story). high contract prices = ability for AT&T (and Verizon) to build out its LTE network. at least they are still actively working on their network. A lot of people on the interwebs seem to think that all AT&T does is rake in money and not work on its network. Here is just another example of them spending money to work on their network! GASP! how dare they!

That's why coverage and service is far better on Att than it is on t-mobile. There are very few places where t-mobile is better

Coverage yes, service not so fast.
T-mobile is definitely not service for everyone, they are geared towards more urban markets, as any smaller carrier should be. But when it comes to service in a well covered area like Northern NJ, T-mobile has much better call quality and data speeds than AT&T. In areas with good t-mobile coverage, t-mobile delivers a much better experience than AT&T (at least in non LTE areas) with much less spectrum.

More spectrum doesn't necessarily mean better service, how effectively it's utilized matters a lot more.

It could be, didn't ATT release their smartphone numbers? iPhone is their biggest seller and it now has LTE. As people upgrade their phones to whatever, which now more likely will have LTE. It will have less customers on HSPA+, which should reduce the amount of devices trying to get date.. less congestion.

My HSPA+ speeds on AT&T in the Boston area have greatly improved since the iPhone5 was released. I'm sure the GS3 and the rest of LTE phones help too.

Don't take this the wrong way I love T-Mobile but 100 mins of talk time.... Really? I would burn through that in less than day.


Then I Feel Sorry For You...

We DON'T Throw Money Away Needlessly Where I Come From.. I Now Get GREAT Service For $340.00 Bucks A Year...

I Paid AT&RIP-OFF That Much In 3 Months.

You Do The Math...


Learn To Use The Internet For Phone Calls... And Your 100 Minutes To FIELD Calls:-)

To be honest I too would love to use t-mobile's $30 5GB prepaid plan, but to pretend everyone can use it is simply not true.

100 mins is not enough minutes a month for even incoming calls for me and I've tried countless VOIP apps and none can provide reliable voice service over HSPA+ and believe me I've tried.
Line2, Google Voice, Sip accounts etc.

If the $30 5GB plan works for you great, I tend to think it works better for a much younger audience that has moved farther away from voice usage.

For someone who uses a 600-800 mins a month, the trade-offs are too great.
Confusion caused to friends and family by having two numbers.
Bad quality voip calls when out.
Voip calls don't work at all when moving in a car, for that you really have to use normal cellular minutes.

I use Straight Talk with T-mobile sim, you get unlimited voice and text and about 2GB of data for $45. It's a much better deal for someone who uses a good amount of voice minutes and still wants a deal on cell phone service without making too many sacrifices. I tried it a couple times and the tradeoffs simply weren't worth the $15 a month and you can also get an AT&T sim for the same price if t-mobile coverage in your area isn't good enough for you or you travel outside of the t-mobile coverage area frequently.

I completely agree with you on what you said there movielover76. In the real world 100 minutes is a joke, VOIP apps work ok but not when you're out and about.I've used GrooveIP but lately it has had issues. I use ATT (OMG the crooks) but have no issues with them, you get what you pay for.