Transformer Prime

The latest firmware for the ASUS Transformer Prime blocks the root method that we found for the pre-production model, but the folks at AndIRC team have discovered a new method for rooting the first quad-core Android device.  This will go rather nicely with the bootloader unlock method ASUS has promised, making the Prime nice and easy to work with for the hackers independent Android developers out there.

There's not a lot to say just yet, other than a method was found but it will not be released until after Jan. 12 -- when Ice Cream Sandwich (tentatively) begins to roll out for the Prime.  Agree or disagree with this practice as you will, but there's not much to be done about it, other than plug it in to your computer and work it out yourself.  Let's hope that the method works with the ICS update, and my advice is not to take any updates until we know for sure if you plan on rooting your Prime.  When more is known, we'll be sure to tell you.

Update: They decided to release the method after all, according to the @andirc Twitter account:

@androidcentral I released it, after deciding we would likely be safe with ICS.

You can find more info at RootzWiki

Source: XDA-Developers

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xTRICKYxx says:

Sweet! It makes sense to wait. I am loving my Prime more and more.

hmmm says:

Makes sense to me. Why waste an exploit that may be patched before ICS release.

Had to brush up on my ADB Commands, but got it working and quickly threw on Titanium Backup to install a few games with my progress intact.
Also donated to the dev for his work. I recommend all Prime users that use this exploit to do the same for his help in improving this device.

icebike says:

Things are so bad in Asus land that they have been forced to disavow any mention of their GPS capability and remove it from their spec sheet.

So much promise, and so much disappointment.