Transformer Prime OTA

The ASUS Transformer Prime is getting its third OTA update in a month today, with reports of a large-scale rollout happening as we speak. This update puts the build number at, and is reported to address the widespread random reboot issues folks have been seeing since the last update a few weeks ago. There's likely other changes, but ASUS hasn't released a change log just yet. 

What we do know, and this is all based on user reports, is that this update seems to run poorly the first few minutes after a reboot, so give it some time to settle after you apply the OTA. You can check for the update yourself by going into the settings and forcing the check in the About Tablet screen. We'll keep our eyes open for an official change log, and update when it appears. In the meantime, hit the forums and join the discussion!

Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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Jeffeb3 says:

The update interaface needs an update. Last time (less than a week ago) I had 8% battery when I started using it. So I plugged it in, and it starts complaining every minute or two that I can't do the update until I get 15% battery. THEN, I get to 15% battery, and it gives me a postpone by an hour option... Why can't they postpone the dialog until I get to 15% battery, at least?

Firespyer says:

love Asus faster then any other manufacturer for releasing fixes. Can't wait for their phone.

juergen99 says:

I lost GPS functionality at .13 Was hoping that got fixed but I suppose the rebooting issue should be a priority. I was very happy with my Prime till I lost GPS. Hopefully that will get fixed on the next update.

briankurtz79 says:

How does Asus get ics on both of their tablets before Google and Samsung can get it on the nexus s 4g?! Just ridiculous.

robjonson#AC says:
Simple APP that tells you if you Nexus Updates are coming straight from GOOGLE or not.
dude wake up! are you able to turn on wifi tethering whenever you want free of ridiculous charges? I thought not. Is your phone full of SPRINT CRAPWARE? I thought so.....
don't be mad at GOOGLE be made at SPRINT. They are the ones holding back your update. I got it on my GOOGLE SUPPORTED TMO NEXUS S 2 days before VERIZON got off their butt and released the GALAXY NEXUS LAST YEAR (running VZ CRAPWARE, LOCKED DOWN TETHERING IE NOT FREAKING GOOGLE SUPPORTED!!!!!)

usmc176 says:

Can people post if the update has fixed the reboot or not?? Don't really care about who got what first, etx. Just tried of the frickin reboot issue.

bigrey81 says:

According to people in the forums it seems to have fixed the reboot issue

carlosrey23 says:

ICS is also available for the original Transformer TF101... Just pulled my update today

jammer1963 says:

Does Wifi and GPS work alright on the first Transformer?