ASUS Transformer Prime

As promised, the bootloader unlock tool for the ASUS Transformer Prime is now available for download from ASUS directly. It's a simple little .apk that you'll download, move to your tablet and install, and it will set in motion the ability to rock custom ROMs and basically mod to you heart's content. Note that you'll need to have the Ice Cream Sandwich update installed, but you've already done that, we hope.

The flip side is by doing so, you're basically absolving ASUS of any responsibility should you break something. Or, as ASUS puts it, "You also acknowledge ASUS does not guarantee service satisfaction to any Revised Product." We love it when you talk all sexy-like, ASUS.

Hit up the download link below to get going.

Download: Transformer Prime bootloader unlock (look in the Utilities section)
Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

There are 5 comments

jermaine151 says:

Good stuff! Let the CWM and AOKP begin!

willmsbrg says:

At least some folks are getting updates...

hmmm says:

Nice. CWM released the same day too :)

Alex1x says:

I'm a bit confused, does this mean installing apk = rooted? (then I just install CWM and super user) No need to connect with computer to break in?

lfnsr says:

No, rooting is separate. You can root the Prime without the bootloader unlocked. Use Viperboy's viperMOD PrimeTime. This just unlocks the bootloader. Right now there are no custom roms so all you can really do is install CWM. I am going to wait until custom ROMS come out before unlocking. Already have root and oc thanks to Viperboy.