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ASUS' new flagship tablet, the Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700), is receiving another over-the-air update, according to reports from the Android Central forums. It looks like latest update to version is pushing out to the U.S. and worldwide models, with compatibility fixes for some SD cards, along with general performance and stability improvements. In particular, several Transformer Pad Infinity owners on the forums are reporting that the tablet seems more responsive to touch on the latest software version.

To check whether your tablet is ready to be updated, head to Settings > About tablet > Software updates, and hit the button. Not all users are seeing the update to just yet, so you'll have to keep checking over the next few days if your update isn't pushing out just yet. Still undecided on the Transformer Pad Infinity? Check out our full review.

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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity getting update with stability and performance improvements


Got this update Saturday night, was weird because my Infinity crashed twice just prior to it prompting me with the update. Have had it about a week now and hadn't seen that before or since.

Mind you this is my first tablet so I do not have anything to compare it against but I absolutely love it. It's pretty much as advertised, fantastic display the system runs unbelievably smooth. Great overall experience. I have crashed a couple times over the past 2 weeks, nothing crazy, but hoping it gets fixed by this update.

Note, the dock was on back order but I should finally get it on Tuesday!

I can compare my TF700 to the iPad 2 because I've been borrowing it from my wife the last year or so while waiting. With that said, I like the iPad 2, but prefer the Infinity, and happy I waited for it.

First off, I personally prefer the Android eco-system. To me, it's more open, flexible and lets me do things my wife can't get done on the iPad. The apps selection is excellent, and there are of course an enormous amount of "free" apps to choose from.

While I have not bought the Dock, I like having that option and may elect to buy one at some point. I can scream along doing email and stuff on a keyboard, so it's something I'll probably eventually wind up with, and of course the keyboard dock extends the battery life.

I currently also use a Droid so having an Android tablet only simplifies my life. The Infinity is incredible and I have not had any issues with it beyond one network related problem that is quite common actually. As with many Android devices (including my Droid), I had to setup my WiFi to connect via Static IP, and had to turn on the SSID broadcast on my routers.

The performance, screen and ease of use (Ice Cream Sandwich) has been stellar. At this stage I really have no complaints, I have it for about 2 1/2 weeks now. For mobile Wifi, I also connect to a T-Mobile Hotspot, works great when I'm in any areas where Wifi can't be found.

I think it's pretty awesome. I originally started out with the TF300 and had a display issue so I returned it and checked out the Prime instead. I loved the Prime and I had it for two months. Things that bothered me with the prime, the display wasn't nearly as vivid as my Galaxy S2 but I got used to it. Force closes frequently but was willing to deal with it. GPS, even with the dongle, was useless in a moving car (just tried it on a road trip when I would wake up from my turn taking a nap to see where we were. Prime couldn't get a lock to save it's life unless I held it up to the window WITH the dongle. Had the 60 day return with Best Buy so I decided to return it and get the Infinity.

The Infinity's screen is so much better, not just because of the resolution. The colors are far more sharp and more comparable to the color reproduction on my Galaxy S2 or the Kindle Fire. The only issue I am having is certain games do not work with the Infinity yet. NBA jam, is a no go as well as a few other EA games. Draw something doesn't work yet although I'm sure that will get fixed. Over the weekend I tried playing Sonic 4 episode 1 with the wii controller connected to my HDTV and it crashed after about 5 seconds into the first level (there was an update since then and I haven't tried so it may work now) although other games worked over hdmi just fine. GPS and wifi work really well.

I'd say the Infinity is a pretty awesome tab, and it's pretty damn smooth. Only thing I can say I really don't like is the battery life. I'm not sure if it's because I use it mostly for browsing the web and sycing tabs on Chrome, but I'm seeing about 5hrs screen time. If I am playing games, I get better battery life. For instance, I've been playing Robotek with autobrightness on with about 45 mins of screen on and it's at 89%. Not all of that was Robotek but if I were using Chrome my battery would probably be closer to 80%, if not just a little higher. That's not to say there's a drastic difference between the Prime and the Infinity but it's noticeable. I feel it's a worthy trade off though because the device is just that much better.

Still can't walk in the store and buy it. If the release date was 7/16, what's the hold up? Why does it have to be ordered?

That's my question. Why can't we buy it in store yet. When is the retail release date? Is there going to be one? The TF201 is pretty much off the shelves now.

Very happy to see this update. I was starting to have buyers remorse dealing with the system hiccups and slow downs. Coming from a TF101 to the TF700 I was expecting a much smoother experience. I trusted Asus to correct the issues quickly and so far they haven't disappointed.