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Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core CPU, 5MP rear camera and 4G LTE

Rumors of a second-generation, ASUS-built Nexus 7 tablet have been circulating for some time, so it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to see such a device passing by the FCC today.  The ASUS "K009" tablet is listed on the FCC's online repository, along with the "Nexus" name listed under "brand" in a certification document. The same document specifies a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro and 4,000mAh battery, a 5-megapixel rear camera and 4G LTE radios. (Additional FCC data points to T-Mobile and AT&T frequencies.)

The inclusion of LTE connectivity as well as a rear camera is interesting to see, considering the original Nexus 7 featured only a front-facing camera, and at launch was a Wifi-only product. We wouldn't speculate as to exactly when this new Nexus tablet might see a retail release, but FCC certification hopefully means it's not too far off.

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New ASUS-made Nexus tablet drops by the FCC


Finally, I've been holding off on the Nexus 7 waiting for the followup. I hope it's not too far out from release because I already have 300 set aside for this baby.

I'm glad they decided to add the rear camera!

Rear cameras on tablets still seem very pointless as they don't seem to have bigger lenses or sensor size so they're just more cumbersome versions of phone cameras.

Hopefully the new nexus 10 will have Tegra 4 - one of the few SOC to have WebM hardware decode and encode which is something that google seems to be pushing for with youtube etc

I agree that, as a 'camera', they're pretty useless. Yet, it still allows people to flip the displayed area to the back-face during video chats. I use the back camera in that fashion quite a bit on my Nexus 10 (despite it being somewhat mediocre, like most tablet/mobile cameras). It has its usage, is what I'm basically trying to say; just not one that is widely accepted by most.

This situation I've seen this as a success was business. While doing an office buildout, the contractor would bring a tablet instead of a laptop to work on. During inspection, the rear camera would be used to snap photos which were immediately marked up with circles, arrows, comments and then shared with participants. That process would be way more difficult on a phone. Put that sucker on there, and people will think of ways that it becomes useful.

Agreed, much faster than taking a pic with a real camera and then doing practical things to the image. Also students find this easier and faster when note taking - snap a picture or record a video of a slide etc. Tons of uses for design students.

Where I find a rear camera useful is when doing check deposits from mobile. Though my bank just released a way to take a picture of the check with a front facing camera, I do not expect that to be as simple as it would be with the back camera.

Other than that, I would never really use it either.

Some people need the rear camera on a tablet. It can be used for taking pics on a job site and sending them instantly. Depositing checks, scanning documents, faxing and on and on. Just cause one person doesn't need it doesn't mean it's not useful to a lot of others

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I could not have put it better. Why not provide the full functionality that Android brings rather than just part of it.
Each to their own

Oh thank goodness we're getting a new Nexus 7 and not a Nexus 8. 8-inch screens are too big for a small tablet. (This is one reason my mom got a Nexus 7 instead of an iPad mini--the fruity tablet was too wide for her hand.)

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Why would it be confusing.. all iPads have been pretty well called iPad, save for the iPad 2.

All iPod Touch devices are just iPod Touch, we just know there are different generations of the device. Adding a decimal point to the name would be infinitesimally confusing.. what happens if/when we get to the Nexus 7.9? Do we have to then move onto a Nexus 8?

Just leave it at Nexus 7, there's nothing wrong with that.

Well they could go with 7.10, but I agree that wouldn't be very cool. I think they should take a page from the auto industry and call it the 2013 Nexus 7. Same with all the rest of the nexus line up from here on out.

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I've been saying the exact same thing about phones, tablets, computers, etc for a long time. Why not keep the same name and just put a new model year in front of it?

Who needs a rear camera on a tablet... Please, just a better and less pixelated screen is all I want. Maybe an SD slot, and better the rest. Thanks.

Try check deposits with mobile banking apps? Or a wine app that keeps your inventory that simply scans labels of the wine bottle to add them to the inventory. I could keep going but I will just stop. It is useful if you have a use for one, you apparently do not. I hope I was able to answer your question.


his point I feel has been made, cameras are not just for picture taking but can and are used to scan items and therefore is useful on a tablet.

Its to keep costs down Google wants to keep the price around $199 instead of a $350-$400 with something newer like the SD 600

You're correct, it has been replaced by the 400/600/800 series. However if this is coupled with 2GB of RAM then you're looking at a device that is roughly the same speed as a Nexus 4, which is pretty good in my opinion and miles better than the Tegra 3/1GB RAM combination in the current Nexus 7.

Apple does the same thing with their iPad Mini (it runs on an A5). By purchasing thr same chip for the Nexus 4 and this new Nexus 7, Google should be able to continue to get good prices and keep costs low. It also helps development, like with the Nexus Q essentially being a Galaxy Nexus, since the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 will share the same chip.

Yeah, that's understandable and all, but I can't imagine it running nearly as well as the Nexus 4. After all, it's upping the resolution from 1280x768 to 1920x1200. I want the processor to be overkill for the resolution like on the N4.I really want this thing to be "buttery smooth like the Nexus 4" not "pretty smooth like the Nexus 10".

Also, is the S4 Pro much more energy efficient than the Tegra 3. I only ask since they're lowering the battery capacity.

I'll probably get it no matter what, but I'm really hoping that 4.3/5.0 really boost performance, primarily in the responsiveness. I don't need things to be faster. Just more smooth.

My current Nexus 7 is buttery smooth on its Tegra 3 with 1GB of RAM. I can only imagine what it will be with a S4 and 2GB of RAM even with the higher resolution.

I am in complete agreement with what you said. I think the Adreno 320 is powerful enough for that resolution. The Xperia Z uses the Adreno 320 and that phone's resolution is 1080p, so I imagine it is powerful enough (and probably overkill for the Nexus 4).

I don't think the S4 Pro is drastically more efficient, I believe they're in the same class. NVIDIA would argue their single core for quiet updates to the device allow better battery use but I never really was impressed by the Tegra 3, to be honest. Then again I don't game very much on my Nexus 7 so I wasn't using the Tegra for its best use scenario.

I think if anything Apple's devices (and frankly, Windows Phone devices) show us how important software optimization is. Rather than throwing the latest most expensive processor at the device, hopefully Google can continue to make Android smoother all around.

I was with you up to the second paragraph. The part about Google trying to get better prices through economies of scale is far-fetched. Google doesn't buy chips; Asus and LG do. The Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 were developed independently by the manufacturer with input from Google. I really doubt that they're working together on product development even though their contracts are with the same company.

Yes, but it's way more powerful than a Tegra 3 and it'll keep the price down on the new tablet.

That said, if you insist on holding out for a more powerful device, wait for the 10" Nexus refresh.. it's sure to be more up to par with what you're expecting.

Snapdragon Pro is not necessarily more powerful than a Tegra 3. In fact, in many cases it can be slower.

That's laughable. Please provide a single creditable source for that claim. Of many, many tech sites, I've only seen one (that I can recall) that gave the Tegra 3 a very, very slight advantage in BROWSING over the S4 Pro. The S4 Pro KILLED the Tegra 3 in every other category...especially the important ones.

The s4 pro is indeed from Qualcomm's previous generation of chips, however, it would seem that this is a spot of inadvertent mis-information due to the omission of one single letter on the FCC filing. It lists the CPU as a Qualcomm APQ-8064, where as the Bluetooth SIG in its description of the same Asus K009 tablet states that 'It is empowered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 Quad-core CPU...', which would make a lot more sense being a current generation technology, which happens to be similarly numbered APQ-8064T, so quite a likely mistake I guess. I just hope we don't have to wait too long to find out! Come on Google/Asus, bring on the Nexus 7hd! ;)

Having only a tablet and not a smart phone, I'd love to have a rear camera. I wouldn't use it as a regular camera much but in a pinch I would. I wanted to take a picture of my kids science fair project (he was sick and never even got to see the final project) and all I had was my tablet. I looked a lot more stupid trying to get a picture with a front facing camera. Also there are apps that use the camera for stuff especially as a bar code scanner.

I have a Nexus 7 3G (that I won) but no data service to use with it. I would consider selling it and trying to get enough to buy a new version that was wifi only.

If this thing has a higher res screen, i am going to do all i can to get my hands on one. Love my current N7, but an S4 Pro with 2GB ram, and a higher res screen, I would be so happy.

Would Google really have the logo horizontally instead of vertically for a 7 inch tablet? Look at the label location info on the FCC source. I've a feeling that this might just be a new and improved memo tab and not the next Nexus 7. Take this as you will.

Can you point to me where it says the image provided is one that is drawn to scale?

Or are you simply assuming that it is?

Yep, holding out on replacing my Nexus 7 that was stolen when my house was robbed. They only stole all my TV's and my laptop and Nexus 7 tab. This happened this past winter and I haven't replaced it yet because I knew there would be a new one this year.

Two Comments. First, does anyone know what LTE freqs passed through? It feels like these stories are missing a little bit not bothering to find that info in the FCC docs. I'm guessing it's 700 and AWS, but I'd still like to know.

Second, I am a tiny bit disappointed to see an S4 instead of a new 400/600/800 chip. I understand 800 would have been pushing it at $199, but an s4 sound low. Maybe, just maybe the will push the price down to $149. I'd be very happy then.

"analysts" were predicting the price of the nexus 7 to be around 230 U.S. dollars, which is why im kinda disappointed were not getting the snap 600/800 IFFFF all these speculations are true. i'd give up the rear camera for that processor. im currently rocking the nexus 10, but as snappy as it is as a 10 inch tab, its just not as smooth as my nexus matter how much i tweak it with roms and kernels. i guess im super nit picky.

Nope. You're not alone. Using Chrome (beta) is an easy way to show it. On the same website the N10 is "okay, not bad" while the N4 is "Oh god it's so smooth. I don't even want to look at this webpage. I just want to scroll around." Well some websites anyways....

The S4 pro is a great chip, with 2GB of ram my nexus 4 is screaming fast, I don't really need a 400/600/800 chip honestly. nexus devices usually don't have the absolute latest processors in order the keep costs down, the fact that the nexus4 came with this chip was a surprize.
For the price, I think the S4 Pro is awesome, people get too caught up in having the absolute highest specs. With the S4 Pro and 2GB of ram the

The S4 pro is a great chip, with 2GB of ram my nexus 4 is screaming fast, I don't really need a 400/600/800 chip honestly. nexus devices usually don't have the absolute latest processors in order the keep costs down, the fact that the nexus4 came with this chip was a surprize.
For the price, I think the S4 Pro is awesome, people get too caught up in having the absolute highest specs. With the S4 Pro and 2GB of ram and Vanilla AOSP Android this tablet will scream.

completely agree, which is probably why ill be selling my nexus 10, doesnt scream like the 4. im curious to see how the s4 will handle the increased pixels. guessing it will be like the optimus g pro.

There's nothing wrong with the S4 Pro. My DNA has a S4 Pro Quad Core 1.5 GHz and it's blazing fast. Especially coupled with 2 gigs of ram. This thing should be plenty fast. I hope they start out offering a 16 and 32 GB model. No one wants 8 gigs.

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After doing some research, I agree with the comments here. The other thing to keep in mind is the bezel. It isn't easy to see, but reducing the size of that can be a significant added cost. A much smaller bezel will mean a lot more value for the new nexus 7.

I'm just waiting for the retail outlets to drop the current Nexus 7's price down under $150 for the 16Gb model.
I still need the Tegra 3 SOC so I can play games like HORN.

From the DARK AC App!

Camera on first gen Nexus7 is useless, quality is crap and it's a front facing cam. I would rather have N7 without any camera but have cost cut down 10$ cheaper.

Also hoping they keep the price in the $200 range. (maybe more now that it has 4g LTE)

The camera's fine for family pics, messing with Paper Camera etc. It's fun, not high spec.

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To be successful in my opinion, The next NEXUS should be a Nexus 8. It should have 2 gigs of ram, s600 processor or tegra4, at least 16 gigs of internal storage, and have front facing speakers. If it can do that. I'm willing to pay 300 dollars. Anything less would be unacceptable

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Prepare to be disappointed, you cheap@ss. LOL. Google has spoiled so many people subsidizing Nexi devices. At least try to be a little grateful. You're getting way more than you pay for.

A cheap ass. Your the f=#/+$! Cheap ass. Expecting a 200 tablet. I don't care to pay 350. I just want what I needed it off a tablet

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Beggars can't be choosers, as long as I'm still looking at the same price point, any spec bumps are welcome. Nice to see we finally have some confirmation on specs though.

I just hope it can run Chrome decently. The current Nexus 7 lags like hell. More ram oughtta fix it.

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Agreed! But when I shut down all apps, it is pretty smooth. Gotta love the conversational voice input though. My GF currently has iPhone 4S and is getting so tired of me being able to speak and have it understood accurately and extremely fast compared to her 4S. 3 months and her contract is up. We just went and compared the Sammy G S4 and HTC One. Hopefully by then the Moto X series will be out or close to it.

First off, I had the chance to play with an iPud Mini. Too big for a small tablet. My Nexus 7 fits in my back pocket. Also side x side comparisons, the "7" has a way better screen. Smoother operation and way faster internet and better WiFi reception (3 bars on the iPud and all bars on the 7). Everything opens faster on the 7.

The Nexus 7 should have a rear camera!
Doubt we'll see an SD Card though. They should make a 64 or 128 gig version.

That's all for now. Keep up the good work Google. Keep beating Apple to the punch.

I just hope this doesn't have the build quality issues the original nexus 7 had when it was first released. If it doesn't then I will definitely pick one of these up!

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Wasn't there a story a couple days ago about a K008 Asus tablet? My guess is that K009 is the mobile broadband version, and K008 is the wifi-only version. either way, I'm keeping my eye on this one. My girlfriend's Nexus 7 rocks!

I might pick one up if the price isn't too bad, but with having the SGS4 and my current N7, I don't see a desperate need for it just yet. Would be nice to have an LTE tablet to add on to my T-Mobile account, but not a huge necessity.

The company I work for always puts its "worst case scenario" product through the FCC. That being the one with everything we may ever even think of putting on it even if we will not sell it that way in certain versions or under some OEM brands. Its cheaper & faster to do it this way. Asus may just be covering their bases & the Nexus version may not have a rear camera or Cell radios at all, but the Asus branded version might. We will have to wait & see......

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What do you mean by ASUS version and Nexus version? The Nexus 7 IS an ASUS device. And the Nexus 7 is branded as both, an ASUS device as well as a Nexus device. The different versions appearing, as someone mentioned, could very well be a WiFi-only device (K008) and a 4G version (K009).

This sounds like a real winner on Google's hands. Not only that, but having the S4 Pro onboard means they can offer just one version with SKUs for 32GB & 64GB. No wifi-only version whatsoever. For ~$199 this would make it worthwhile to go get a T-Mobile prepaid SIM and roll on out! No more tethering while out and about.

Can't wait to get this tablet. Had been holding off the current nexus 7 because of the resolution.

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