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ASUS kitting out the Padfone range with this mid-range offering that comes in Johnnie Walker Black

Barely 3 weeks after dropping a bunch of new devices on us at CES, ASUS has quietly launched another new Padfone device in its native Taiwan. The Padfone E is a mid-range hybrid offering, that looks like it sits between the Padfone Mini and the more high end Padfone X. Oh, and it comes in the best named color ever; Johnnie Walker Black – and Pearl White, but that's boring!

Spec wise, the Padfone E comprises a 4.7-inch smartphone and a 10-inch tablet dock, both with 1280x720 resolution displays. As always, the internals are all packed into the smartphone, and we're looking at a 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400, 1GB of RAM, a 13MP camera and a pretty small 1820 mAh battery – though thankfully the dock has a 5000mAh power plant within. 

Details on on-board storage seem to be missing from the specs list, though we imagine it won't be anything above 8GB at best, though ASUS does provide a microSD card slot for folks that like that sort of thing. It's going on sale in Taiwan initially in dual-SIM form with a price around $560. 

Source: ASUS (translated)


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ASUS launches another Padfone, in a color named after a whiskey


Scotch is Whisky, Bourbon and other American made types (Rye, Jack Daniels) are Whiskey. Also Canadian is Whisky and Irish is Whiskey.

I used to love the idea of a phone/tablet hybrid, but that was years ago. Are people really still interested in this design now? It basically means that you only have one device as the tablet is useless without the phone. Back when tablets were expensive I would have loved this.

I was thinking the same thing. I would like to hear from people who have had a padphone for a while to see if they still use it to switch back and forth from phone to tablet very much.

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I reviewed the Padfone 2, and the biggest issue was the poor resolution display on the tablet. The phone was pretty nice, but the tablet let it down, thus defeating the object of buying one. 

If ASUS made a Padfone Mini with high end hardware and a 1080p tablet part...that'd interest me. A lot. 

I have been using the New Padfone Infinity (Snapdragon 800) for about 3 months.
It rocks! Seriously best device I have every had (HTC HD2, Desire HD, G Note 1).

I leave it in the tablet most of the time (both screens are FHD) and only take it out for photos, navigation in the car or when I go out drinking. It is so handy to be able to do those things with a regular phone and then have the luxury of a tablet for all other times.

Also having one device that carries all your music and files but available in two formats (big and small screen) can't be beat.

The only let down is that the OS isn't as polished as Samsung devices but it will get there.

Sounds boring. First padphone was interesting, but these specs are awful!

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How cool would it be if this were the budget model, and there were upcoming models with better specs named Johnnie Walker Green and Blue?

Not so cool, but it would sound "It is so sammy!" (meaning, changing specs alittle bit to get abit better model) but i would take the whiskey though... the more smoked the better.... are we now talking about galaxy smoked?

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Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy 80 proof (if you want wireless charging and an unlockable bootloader, you'll have to shell out for the 100 proof model).

Isn't this kind of a rehash of the Motorola Atrix Lapdock?

I had the original Atrix 4G. Found the lapdock for $100.00 online about a year later.

It was an OK experience. The idea sounded better than it actually was.

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Yeah, that was a neat idea, but the execution sucked and it was too expensive. If you want a hybrid tablet/notebook experience, the Asus Transformer series has nailed it so far.