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Military Exchange Online

Here's the deal regarding online availability of the ASUS EeePad Transformer: Like we told you last week, it'll be available starting tomorrow at a handful of online retailers. (See the full list here.) And when we say "tomorrow," we definitely mean April 26, and ASUS confirmed as much, saying the product pages shouldn't be live before then. A quick reminder on official pricing: $399 for the 16GB version, $499 for the 32GB version, and another $149 for the keyboard dock.

Oh, but that picture you see above? That's from the military Exchange Online Store, which apparently already has the Transformer up for grabs as Android Central reader Danon points out. So if you have access to AAFES and have a hankering for that 10.1-inch Transformer and can't wait a few more hours, get to ordering. That's an order. (See what we did there?) A couple more pics are after the break. [AAFES] Thanks, Danon!

Military Exchange Online

Military Exchange Online


Reader comments

ASUS EeePad Transformer sneaks onto military Exchange Online Store a tad early


Hmmm...$420 is overpriced for 16gb, and the 32gb is $495 which is under the $499 sugg retail price. Think I will do the 32gb and save myself the couple bucks and not feel like I overpaid for the 16gb. (Buyers Remorse later

Don't know exactly what you are saying in your reply.

I don't know if you have access to the AAFES website. But the price being displayed here ($420) is for the 16gb. If you search on the website, you can get the 32gb for less than retail. I have never understood AAFES when it comes to their prices since most of their items usually come out to as if I was paying sales tax anyways. As in this case of paying over the manufacturer retail tag. So as I was saying, I will buy the 32gb ($495)and save a couple bucks and save on the sales tax.

Ya, it's been up on there for over a week. The only problem is that they're shipping it out on Thursday (or so they've told people that have called in). So there's nothing special here.

its actually cheaper depending on what state you live in. Tax here in Texas is 8.25. 399 + 32 for tax = 431. This deal is no tax and free shipping :)

I'm surpised AAFES was actually this early on something. Usually their electronics selection is poor. If I remember right though, they have been carrying Asus products for awhile.