Transformer Ice Cream Sandwich

We said it was coming today (OK, ASUS said it was coming today), and sure enough the ASUS EeePad Transformer is in the midst of getting its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. In addition to the standard ICS features, you'll get the ability to use:

  • Create folders in the Home Screen
  • Quick launch of the camera from lock screen
  • Additional screen capture method
  • Additional browser functions
  • Special camera effects and photo editing
  • Swipe to close tasks or notifications
  • Font size modification
  • Other minor user interface changes

Go! Download! Now!

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There are 36 comments

manaup says:

First!! Oh yeah! Initial impression, apps load faster, screen pages change quicker... New lock screen. Home Page tweaks in terms of looks. Tell more later ;)

drannan says:

I got mine! Yay! Thank you Asus/Google!!


Got it, NenaMark 1 shows 3 fps speed increase also. NenaMark2 shows about the same.

Desktop with folders now makes my screens uncluttered. Look I have a live desktop again!

Waffles says:

Oh yeah, folders. Must do that now. I wasn't sure if things were faster, as they were smooth before. Anyways the 3fps is welcome bump.

DWR_31 says:

Can we say hardware acceleration?

Glu's Eternity Warriors doesn't freeze up with too many multitouch inputs, anymore.

TDWayne1982 says:


treno says:

Just finished installing. The installation was smooth - no problems or glitches like I've had with some of our Samsung 10.1 tabs. Initial impression - looks great and seems a little snappier! Can't wait to give it a more thorough inspection.

roberttk1967 says:

Just downloaded installing now on my daughters Transformer. I am already jealous I wish it would come out for my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Mine will probably be even longer since I got my tab at T-Mobile....ARGH!!

roberttk1967 says:

Well I have had some time to play with it and I like some of the changes but it seems to have taken some of the sparkle out of the android experience. Where the home screen used to ease (smoothly ) into one another they now almost snap. Seems more corporate less interesting. I like it for me, but it is almost like they have now catered this more to a male techy versus a mass market. My daughter hates it she misses the way you could play with the lock screen and it didn't snap but was more fluid. She misses the way you could see the wallpaper faded down when you went into the app drawer instead of a black background. Seems boring, clean and sterile. Variety is what I always thought the android experience was about, it seemed to take some of that away.

vissud says:

Can someone tell me the version numbers? I already have 4.0.3 and have home screen folders, but I did my update earlier in the week.

Just dl'd this morning. My version number is 4.0.3.

blipp says:

soooo much snappier (turned on GPU rendering right away). So glad i can finally disable all the Asus bloatware i dont use (goodbye myZine!) i was convinced that some of the slowdown on HC (besides HC itself) was due to a lot of asus' stuff running in the background. Also, CHROME!

KingGinger55 says:

It works well except Google+ keeps force closing when i am not even running it. Anyone else?

enderstc says:

Mine was doing the same thing. I checked the market and there was an update pending for Google+. Installed it and it works fine now.

adude007 says:

Update keeps failing.

Driven says:

Do we need to make a list of our apps to re-download? Mine never reload from the market anymore...

Got mine too! Go ASUS!!! Really like ICS so far, especially since it seems to have fixed my browser issues that started after the last update.

Mark Gause says:

Where do you get the ICS download from to upgrade ?

rice7r says:

lies! I am not getting the update! insert sad face here.

Awesome, yet another device before the Nexus S.

Shaides says:

Nexus s has ics.. just not the one on sprint because of all the extra bells and whistles


Crackle finally works on TF101 with ICS update!

zhecht says:

Good news. I'm still going to hold off a week or two to see what problems crop up before taking the plunge, but I'm looking forward to it.

gonecks1 says:

So glad i have a vzw lte xoom

scribe4food says:

I second that! So glad I got a "GED" VZW LTE Xoom. So freakin glad...

CharlieTX says:

Great 10 minute investment to get it downloaded and installed. Works great, runs smooth, no problems so far. Did notice that on my Exchange server account there is still a problem with the Transformer not being able to edit appointments made on any other device on that Exchange account, like those made on my Android phone or my Desktop computer. As long as the appointment is made on the Transformer, it and my phone and my desktop computer can all edit it.

skizzi says:

Downloaded to my wife's this morning and I can't wait to get home from work to dig into ICS. Looking forward to the browser working properly again. Last update caused constant force closes.

dkev says:

Don't install this if your rooted. Yikes! Thought I bricked it for sure. Got it resurrected and a rooted version of ICS installed. Nice.

Driven says:

Got it, LOVE it, this is how fast it should have been from the beginning, how sad...

hmuralid says:

Has it been released in all states in USA? Even though my model number is TF101, I haven't received it. Also manual checking didn't yield any results.

spongebob71 says:

I went to my local Best Buy and checked for updates on the demo unit. Sure enough it worked. Now they have a better demo unit to show off to everyone. You're welcome Best Buy.

KingGinger55 says:

Am i the only one who cant get flash to run even though it has supposedly been updated to "android 4"

KingGinger55 says:

Never mind. It didn't update even though it told me it did

ZaryaD says:

I have ASUS eeepad Transformer TF101 however I have not received notification of system firmware update. How can I get my device upgraded to ICS?

jxman92 says:

I have the Asus Transformer, but I haven't gotten any notification on the update. How can I get it updated? I've checked the settings and went to the system updates and it keeps telling me there are no updates.

raybaloy says:

Where can I get the download? In which website and how much?