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With 19 million downloads from the Android Market, it might be easy to get complacent. Not so in the case of ASTRO File Manager which today received an update to version 3.1, and brought a couple of big new features along with it. 

The first of these are the new themes functionality, allowing you to download various different themes to customize the app with including the "classic ASTRO" theme from version 2.0. 

The other big new feature is the ability to pre-register for a free ASTRO backup account. There's no further information at this stage on this part of the service, but registration is as simple as entering your email address from the splashscreen. 

Other notable updates include Honeycomb support, various fixes, drag and drop capabilities and tablet users are now able to set the external SD and USB directories. 

Check out a selection of screenshots along with the download links after the break. 

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Reader comments

ASTRO File Manager updated, brings themes and cloud backup registration with it


Had this, (paid version), but it was so buggy under honeycomb I uninstalled it and went to ES File Explorer and have not had time to re install it to see if the bugs and FCs were fixed.

Not signing up for yet another cloud storage feature. Especially from some place that has problems keeping their application up to date.

ES can talk to dropbox, Box, and SugarSync. That's enough.

so i see the icons at the toolbar are gone in your screenshot. that is happening to me too. why is it so?

Remember when Nero burning ROM just burned CDs? And then they started adding all that unnecessary multimedia crap? That's what this is all over again.