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Chucky1 asks in the Android forums,

I've been looking for a full screen or close to a full screen agenda widget for the Note. Has anyone come across one by chance?


There's few things we can all agree on here at Android Central -- listen to a podcast or two and see what I mean. But this, we have covered. We love Pure Calendar widget. It comes with about a million different sizes and configurations (including a full screen version), and themes will make it fit in with any setup you could dream up.

Besides your calendar entries, it will sync tasks with Astrid, Ultimate To-Do List, TaskSync, CalenGoo, DGT Gtd, gTasks, Got To Do, Task Organizer, Due Today, TouchDown, and Pocket Informant. To top it all off, it's scrollable on supported launchers or Ice Cream Sandwich, and the configuration options for syncing and calendar views make it easy on your battery. It's one of the first apps we install on a new phone. It's $1.99 in the Play Store, and there's a link after the break.

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Ask AC: Looking for a full-screen agenda widget for the Galaxy Note


I like Agenda Widget, looks similar, tons of options, but there is not a widget size for full screen. It only goes up to 4x5 or 5x3.

I agree that Agenda Widget is great. It's my favorite agenda app by far. Also depending on the launcher you use the widget can be expanded to cover the whole screen. I use Nova launcher and it looks great.

Precisely - having my agenda (and that means multiple Google Cals and tasks from Astrid) on my home screen is a must. I've see Pure touted here many times, but I simply don't see what it has to offer over Agenda Widget. Perhaps it has options I don't need.

And yes, using a launcher that allows editing widget sizes makes it easy to go full screen.

I wish Pure had a "lite" or a trial version as I'm not above plunking down a few clams, but just not unnecessarily.

Another vote for Agenda Widget, I have the Plus version, although I'm not sure off hand what I get for it, but it's good to give devs with good apps a little love ;-)

Android Pro Widgets would be my choice. Just like the launcher pro Widgets but better since they are updated.

Thank you for all the help. Down loading all of these now. Now for the fun of setting up. I knew I liked this forum for a reason!!

I personally love all the the pure widgets. Pure Calendar, Pure Messenger and Pure Weather are the only widgets that I use daily.. If I had known I would get over a year of pleasant daily use, I would have easily paid triple. Every other widget I have tried did not survive the "curiosity phase"...

Big fan of Pure Calendar, Grid Calendar, and Music... I use Beautiful and Minimalistic for weather/date. I'll probably give Agenda & APW a shot at some point... I've been trying two new tasks apps (Notes for ICS and Tasks by Team Tasks, beautiful ICS inspired apps) and I'm not sure any of these widgets work with them yet, gonna have to email the devs and see who adds support yet.

This is the beauty of Android - you are indeed spoilt for choice. Also consider Calengoo - excellent configuration options for the widgets.

Is Pure Calendar able to display Google Tasks directly from my Google Account?

No, I am not really looking for a full-screen agenda widget for the Galaxy Note. Just looking for the Galaxy Note/Journal to arrive @ Verizon......But with that said this does look very nice.

I use the stock calendar widget in ICS, resized to full-screen ( http://i.imgur.com/QHF45.png ). It's good-looking, has all of my appointments for at least the next week, is scrollable, and shows color-coded events from all of my visible calendars.