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Amazon's now accepting preorders for the Kindle Fire Android tablet. (Yes, we're going to call this guy a tablet and not a mere e-reader from here on out.)

For now, it's $199. That's no contract (as it doesn't have cell radios), and remember that these are preorders. The Amazon Fire will ship starting Nov. 15.

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Ask AC: How can I pre-order an Amazon Kindle Fire?


Probably not. I imagine this device comes pre-loaded with the Amazon Appstore only, and the Nook app is not available from it.

Yes, in fact any current android app can be side loaded - including epub readers. Amazon also says to go ahead and root it if you like! Talk about user friendly.

probably did because it took awhile for it to pop up on amazon website i just keep searching till it did then preordered one

The Kindle Fire uses a heavily modified version of Android 2.1. From what I can remember from the old 2.1 tablets (the awful Cruz reader for example), the Android Market was not allowed on them due to some kind of restriction of the OS on a non-phone device.

Besides, the Amazon tablet is tied so much to their infrastructure (movies, music, books, etc) that it would seem plausible that they will only have the Amazon App market on their device, of which no Nook app is offered.

This is not "an Android" it's a very heavily skinned Android Device. I see Amazon be very picky as to what is available to it via the Amazon Appstore. The question is valid.

The real question is how long it will take the devs to put CM7 or Honeycomb on it.

I'm sure it will be rooted rather soon and the ability to side load apk's such as the Nook app may be possible.
If not, I would bet the folks over at CM will get a real android OS on it in the future.