Archos 97 Carbon

It's kind of a tough time to be any Android tablet not named Nexus 7, but try telling that to the Archos 97 Carbon, which is now available online. At $229 (with a $20 discount) it doesn't match the price of the Nexus 7, nor does it under the hood, where you'll find Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and a 1GHz processor. On the other hand, you get a larger display, so there's that.

Hit the link below if you want to give this guy a go, and use code MAC45Z to save $20 at checkout.

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Reader comments

Archos 97 Carbon now available, on sale to boot


Hope their build quality, standards conformance and hackability are a lot better now than their Linux-based jukeboxes used to be.

Between the proprietary, mail-order-only charging cables, $80 video output docks, non-replaceable batteries, hardware buttons that stopped working or actually fell off, touch screens that would just die and require a hard reboot (impossible once the hard keys stopped working), and Tivoized bootloader and kernel, I was actually wishing I'd bought an iPod Classic with a smaller hard disk long before my Archos 605 bricked itself, 15 months after I bought it new.

Great price for an almost-10-inch tablet, but I still can't imagine ever giving them my money again.

Eh Archos has made a couple of nice tablets in the past, with a few really good designs. I bet the Brits will still pay $100+ more for the tablet.