The specs got leaked a while back, but now we finally have pictures of the Archos 32 tablet. The device seems to be packing dedicated directional buttons, which should help navigation on that 3.2 inch screen. It comes packed with 8GB of onboard storage and runs Android 2.1 ("Eclair"). The price may be the biggest selling point, as it will run you only $150. Sounds like a great Android-based alternative to the iPod Touch to me. Plus, it has a kickstand! Click past the break for a couple more pictures. [FCC via Engadget]


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Archos 32 hits FCC, gets caught on camera


Seems like they could've skipped out on the directional buttons added a trackpad, mixed the buttons around and made the screen a 3.5 inch and it might of actually sold well against and ipod touch, ud b surprised how many people are intrigued by a trackpad on a device, when I have my incredible out people are always pike whats that button at the bottom I tell em it works like a trackpad and they flip shit and wanna try it, even though you don't frequently use it, it is helpful, and people like the "idea" of them :P jus my 2 cents, or mayb that was 3