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Apple's digital music revenues are declining, but could it really bring iTunes to Android?

As Apple's revenue from music sales on iTunes continue to decline, the company is considering the previously unthinkable — an iTunes app for Android. According to a report from Billboard today, Apple is looking to fill the gap left by declining traditional music sales through iTunes by both expanding the store to Android and launching a paid music subscription service. Google brought its own Google Play Music service over to iOS, but it'd be an entirely different situation if Apple did the same for Android.

Apple makes up roughly 40 percent of the U.S. digital music market, but the market as a whole is seeing double-digit declines in sales in recent years. It currently has a free, ad-supported radio service in iTunes Radio, but makes a vast majority of its profits in media from the standard single and album sales through the iTunes Store. The move to a flat rate subscription music service could be a new revenue stream for Apple, but it probably wouldn't close the gap and put it back on a growth path in digital music revenue.

Expanding out to Android would open its store to potentially hundreds of millions of new devices and users who would otherwise not shop at iTunes for music, but that doesn't make this an automatic slam dunk. Google and Amazon have pretty well entrenched themselves in the digital music sales on Android devices, not to mention the intense competition in the subscription music arena with the likes of Rdio, Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music and of course Google itself.

Most think that hell would freeze over before iTunes came to Android, but it may just be the way that Apple continues to expand its music revenues. The purported talks to make these new apps a reality are in very early stages, so it could be some time before our suspicions are confirmed.

Source: Billboard


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Apple considering launching iTunes app for Android to help declining music sales, according to report


Nothing wrong with that. I have music on both iTunes and Google Play Music, so being able to listen to both on both OS devices is a good thing.

the big print giveth, the small print taketh

It's gonna snow in Houston Texas on July 4th.

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Though its the same company I think Cook thinks differently to Jobs and as siuc is willing to do things that the Apple of the past wouldn't have done. This bit of news wasn't that surprising and if they come out with an I watch I think it will work with no Apple devices, a la iPod.

Yeah, though he appears passionate enough about apple, he seems to be driven more by numbers. Whether Apple continues to be as successful as if is now is yet to be seen.

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The same Tim Cook who made sure Nike Fuelband would never be compatible with Android for the past 2 years? Cook and Nike swap executives between the two companies and have close ties.

Now Nike has just announced that they will make the Fuelband compatible for Android after 2 years, when they could have had a corner in the market on Android, because there weren't any wearables except for moto fit band that came after Fuelband. Nike first announced fuelband for android and ios, a lot of people bought it for android then they reneged on android users w/o reason.

Screw Cook and Apple and their terrible business ethics.

+10000000 you are 100% right. also, does anyone still buy music? seriously? for the price of half a cd a month you have a choice of several great players (google is my choice but there are plenty), i havent "bought" an album in YEARS. its an old business model that wont be around THATm uch longer IMO

I agree but, in most case, you don't have to purchase an entire album. If and when I buy music, I tend to buy single tracks and I rarely purchase 8-10 a month so, for me, the option to sync and listen to my music (which has been on my PC and in iTunes for close to a decade) and purchase tracks when I am so moved is cheaper than the monthly services. In the mean time, I will continue to purchase on iTunes (or download on Freegal) and sync with my Android devices via iSyncr (or one of the many other apps).

You make a valid point, but here's something to consider: is your use case driving your purchasing, or is your purchasing driving your use?

What I mean by that is, do you purchase less than 8-10 songs per month because that's really all you want, or because you don't want to spend more money than that per month. Because you might find that paying the $10/month for unlimited access will actually change the way you consume your music.

Personally, I was the same as you prior to All Access. I would buy a track here and there, never coming close to spending $10/month. But, I decided to try out the All Access pass and my habits have totally changed. I am constantly listening to the "Radio" stations and then adding bands and albums I hear to my library. I have heard so many great artists that I never even knew existed thanks to All Access.

I'm not trying to say that it's the best option for everyone, but don't let the "I buy less than $10/month in music" argument be the only thing that keeps you from trying it out.

I thought this was because of a limitation in Android. Only since Android 4.3 did it become Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) compatible, and Nike did not want to mess with killing an Android users battery. Obviously everyone would blame Nike for killing their battery when really its Androids fault for not adding LE. This is also the reason why smart watches are popping up all over the place for android, and why the new Moto360 will work with anything android 4.3 and up.

That he appears to be more driven by numbers, might actually be the "problem". I can't speak for the average "i"-user, but the path Apple took for the past years isn't that much favored by power users. The OS becoming more iOS like with each version, features being stripped or changed in a non-improving way, dedicated graphic chip only for the "top tier" laptop, etc..
Been a Mac user for 19 years now but the next machine will be a hackintosh. Never wanted/had an iPhone but an Android. I'd welcome it very much if an app were made available for the best mobile OS.
I'm actually surprised that they didn't consider this earlier. Windows had an application for years, their "main competitor" since the beginning. On the other side.. that kinda goes hand in hand what i wrote above. Great focus on mobile (war), thus leading the MacOS to become more and more like a toy store.

Less of a dick, you mean? The iPad mini is evidence that he's willing to do things jobs wouldn't. I believe they're phasing out the skeuomorphism of the app design as well, aren't they?

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Haha, well I wouldn´t have put it so eloquently, but there are many ways to say the same thing. I think we are on the same page though.

You can upload all your iTunes music to Google's cloud storage and listen to it on all your Android and iOS devices even without an iTunes Store on Android.

You can actually use the Play Music Manager and it will analyze each file fingerprint and find out which song it is and match it with the closest copy it already has, which reduce the amount of files you actually upload.

I did it. If you have a lot of music. It takes a very long time. Just include you iTunes music folder as one of the Google music backup locations.

Exactly!!! I never understood the complaints of Gmusic upload taking so long back when this was launched... it's like the tech journalists thought you had to sit there and WATCH it upload... just kick it off and walk away. In a week or less all your music will be up there. They complained about the time it took to UL... but when its DONE you have access to ALL your music anytime you have data connection... just a few years ago I had to roll my own streaming service from my home PC to do this in a much less elegant fashion.

Yep, you get it! It's so convenient not having to plug in and sync up multiple devices with the songs you want. And for people who have data caps or who know they will be out of service range, all they have to do is press a button to pin the tracks they want for offline playing while they are connected to any wifi anywhere. That will use none of the data plan, and the songs can be switched out without being tied to the computer. Can the iTunes app load up songs from a free wifi connection while out having a morning coffee? I have unlimited data so I hardly ever need to pin songs. I just press play and all my music starts playing almost as if it was stored locally. If I do need to pin songs because I know I'll be out of service range, I don't even need a wifi connection to do it. Heck, a person could choose to keep their favorite songs always pinned to their devices for those "just in case" moments. It's even available on iOS devices.

This would be Fantastic! Just the ability to sync to a iTunes on the computer without the use of additional software would be huge for many of my friends.

(I personally listen to podcasts whenever I have the chance to consume audio, and don't have music on my phone or computer, but for Some-many of those who do, this would be a big deal.)

Podcasts and imessage are the only advantages apple has, and I would love to see them on Android

I agree with iMessages being very important, but was not aware of their podcast advantage... I use Pocketcast on Android and love it, and think I'd use it on iOS as well.

Try pocket casts. It's the best andriod app for podcasts. Hangouts?? I hate itunes so happy with Google play music.

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I do use pocketcast... I also use hangouts, but imessages has two advantages 1) the integration with SMS is so much better. I love Google, but hangouts needs some very very serious work. I've had people not knowingly hangout, then wonder why there were two threads. 2) A lot of people use imessage. I've convinced a few to use hangouts, but it's a battle, and they mainly use it to contact me.

I'm hopping Google fixes the first problem soon, but anyways, PocketCast is outstanding!

Yeah. I agree. Get hangouts fixed and all will be good. But remember. Apple users don't get the same choices as we do. So they are stuck with it.

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Cough cough i'm pretty sure google is working on that just in different stages. Imessage works so great because its made for Isheep (BAHHHHHH.) Apple said that imessage/ facetime protocol would be open for use in apps and such.

By the very least a year before google came out with hangouts app. I was hoping apple would release the code and we would see some android Imessage app.

I don't think its a problem that there is two messages in hangouts because it says sms under the one that is a text
plus I have friends that use google hangouts but don't have it on the phone meaning they are either isheep or from the mid 2000's and are using a fail berry.

Yeah, they will tell Android peeps that android can't live without Apple once this happens.

Of course, they forget to realize how many of Google's services they haven't been able to live without for years.

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Why? Hangouts works as a better replacement for iMessage and Facetime. Google Play Music is much better than iTunes for the music side of things.

I'm just not seeing the benefits of any Apple software coming to Android.

Got Nexus?

Hangouts does send SMS now. So, you can send messages to an iPhone, but it won't be an iMessage.

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I tell anyone who uses iMessage that they need to use something cross platform. They may as well be using AOL instant messenger or Prodigy Mail... because that message isn't getting through either way.

If you think hangouts is as good as facetime and iMessage, you clearly know nothing about apple.
You may as well say a ford escort is an equal replacement for an Audi A8....

iMessage sends UN-compressed full HD pictures, hangouts compresses picture messages.
iMessage allows you to see Read receipts as well as being able to see if someone is typing a return message.
Facetime works on wifi and 4G/LTE and has an clear picture that doesn't lag and chop like hangouts.
( just watch some of the hangouts videos posted by the staff of android central and watch how bad it lags and chops to understand how bad hangouts video is)
Facetime also allows HD Audio calls as well.
hangouts is no where near iMessage.

Lots of misinformation in that post.

First off, Hangouts DOES have a read and typing indication.
The difference of compressed and uncompressed isn't a difference of quality, but better bandwidth and data usage for pictures that don't necessarily need to be hd.
Facetime didn't always have 4G capability. They were way late to that gate. Hangouts had it since the beginning.
The quality of the video stream is about the same, just depends on your bandwidth and location. Oh, and Hangouts supports larger group chats as well and it handles it nicely.
Hangouts DOES have calling, albeit just for iOS at the moment, but nonetheless has it.

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Yeah, this post is a very good example of why the internet has such a good reputation for flase information.

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I use Apple and MODERN Android products both, and you're right: there is absolutely no competition between Facetime and Hangouts on video quality. Its no contest. Facetime just performs much better in every situation Ive used it in.

Glad Im not the only one that sees the awful video quality of Android Central's Hangout segments. Its just laughable.

I'm a Google user, and I thank Google for offering a full suite of apps for the iPhone that are frequently updated (often before its Android equivelents). But there's alot of work to be done on Hangouts. Android and Google do alot of things right, but video calling is not one of them yet.

I wouldn't say "need". We have apps that function just as well if not better in some aspects. That said I would welcome the first 2 you mentioned.


Same thing I was thinking. I haven't had iTunes on a computer in many years but I remember it suking then. No desire too do any of that again.

Ironically, just last night I "bought" music for the first time in many years. The wife wanted the soundtrack to Frozen. Amazon was selling the actual CD (with instant access to ripped copies) for about 40 cents more than the digital album.

Really, I don't see an overly compelling reason for iTunes if you're not already an apple customer.

Itunes does have some extras that I like, such as Itunes University. Fact is this is a big item for people who invested in Itunes media and want to play it on their Android devices. Doesn't make it a mandatory install for anyone else. Right now Amazon will sell things at a loss in order to build up a customer base for later such as the CD you mentioned.

Here here! iTunes is the worst piece of software on my PC. If Apple wanted to convince Windows users to switch to Mac... they should really think about making iTunes awesome.

iTunes is a key reason I couldn't bring myself to buying a Mac Mini several years back... if that's how Apple's software performs, I want nothing to do with it... it does nothing to convince me that they know what they are doing.

Amen to that. iTunes (and the *ridiculous* sync times) is the reason my old iPod touch ended up "in a drawer" as Tim Cook likes to put it.

I don't really care for iTunes, but if they bring it to any new platform, please bring the client version to Linux.

Good lord no.

Plenty of excellent music player with syncing ability and much much more cloud services support than iTunes available for Linux. ie. Clementine.

android central app

I don't care, not paid for music for years, the industry doesn't deserve our money, they produce shit like Bieber and cyrus, fuck em

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Beiber is like viagra, you gotta have it to pay for cancer curing drugs. Using this as your excuse not to pay for music is weak at best. Just say I feel entitled to another person's creative talent for free. Most of the industry you are loathing is made up of lower middle class folks just kind of scrapping by. Hitting the Jack pot for those cats might just be playing drums on tour with Pink or Miley Cyrus, or who ever.

Play music all access is $10 a month, suck it up and pay Sally.

Sent from my bathroom

Bieber and talent in the same like itunes on far fetched it's total bollocks.

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Wow. You must be a total hit with the lady's. :-) i was taking the opportunity to take the piss out of justin bieber. You clearly have no sense of humour or personality go and work on it.
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Comments like mine are the least of my problems with the ladies. My huge forehead and mediocre stature are bigger hurdles.

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Stop taking with your dick out, Bieber is a total cunt, the music industry had enough of my money in my teen years, they squandered it, their loss

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So stealing is the answer. Just because you hate a few artists and can't come to grips with your own adolescence does not mean the whole industry sucks.

Do you just walk into Target and take cd's without paying for them? Also, so you know, there is music other than teeny bopper stuff.

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I'm annoyed with the industry as a whole, I'm taking back some of what I put in, do you have a problem with that?

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When you made this comment you were right, then he said he did anyway.

And you know he meant stealing the whole time. The radio.... really?

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Ah, yes. Because no music worth listening to or buying exists out of the Top 40 genre.

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There is more to the music world than Beiber and Cyrus! If you enjoy music by artists then people need to support them.

If people have problems with online music distribution, just by it direct from the artist and rip it. Sod iTunes and there DRM! Specifically on video! There needs to be a ruling that allows you to transfer purchases between devices without problems.

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I doubt this would happen. And if it does there would be so many requirements ITunes and Apple would want before even purchasing media.

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There was an 8GB 3GS, 4, 4S and now 5C. Apple is rather far from falling (top of the food chain economically speaking) but I think it wise to evolve so as not to eventually fall, or at least to break their fall,

They are going to fall.

Google has many different products. Apple has its Mac and iLines. That's it.

But ATM it seems like it will be a long time til they do fall

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

They *do* make the most profit of any mobile device manufacturer, but they're not "top of the food chain" in terms of market share. Not by a long shot. (which kinda just goes to show how much they overcharge for their devices, but I digress)

Apple's biggest problem is that they have positioned themselves as a "premium product". It's like a Farrari: it's doesn't really cost half a million dollars to make one of those cars, but they price them high to create an artificial sense of exclusivity. Apple has found itself in the boat where they have done the same. They have marketed the iPhone as the Farrari of the mobile world (personal opinions of Apple devices not withstanding) and, after the initial rush has warn off, they find themselves sitting smack dab in the middle of that "exclusivity" problem when it comes to market share.

They *know* they're losing sales to cheaper devices, but they can't do anything about it without "watering down" their brand, which might potentially drive away even more customers. It's kind of a catch 22.

Personally, I think Apple should just be happy with their 23% market share and insane profits and call it a day.

I would welcome this as a lot of 'obscure' artists I'm interested in are now only releasing via iTunes.

I don't care for Apple hardware and I'm certainly not going to install ITunes on my PCs. I've never forgiven them for QuickTime.

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lol. QuickTime. Back when I actually used my iPod Touch, I always *hated* the fact that I had to use iTunes. And, even more, I hated that iTunes *made* me install QuickTime.

I would have been interested in this a few years ago, but now I'm way to intrenched in google.

I would be more interested in the iMessages app. That way I can talk to people like my mother who can't grasp the idea of installing a different messing app.

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Yep. I can't see Apple doing this for exactly this reason. One of the big bars to switching from any any platform to another is sunk cost. This would remove a lot of that for Apple.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

I was thinking the same thing. The music ecosystem is one of the big "holds" Apple has on their users. I can't see them paving a route to start potentially hemorrhaging users to Android.

This. "I would like to try a different device but s all my stuff is in iTunes" Fixed.

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Exactly, another entry barrier would be removed by Apple themselves!

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If the Android version runs as poorly as the Windows version, I'll pass and stick to Amazon and Google Play. As others have said though, I have a sneaking suspicion they won't release this in the first place.

Yeah. Apple has recently been a bit chaotic

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Andrew needs to also check his calendar app is working correctly. It's not April first yet. :-)

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I find it interesting that both Microsoft and Apple are now willing to give their respective "trump cards" to other ecosystems. (Office and itunes)

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This is bad for google.

I can buy an itunes gift card in my country, but i can't buy a play store card.

A lot of people don't have credit cards because they are teens or don't like them or whatever, so they will probably, even if they are on android, buy itunes gift cards and use them instead of playmusic

I'm sorry butt I'm not going to give my money to apple. Apple only shares when they need money? Apple bum! Lol :p

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I wonder how many phone sales Apple would lose by doing this... I've heard of quite a few people who are "stuck" with Apple because they don't want to lose easy access to the songs they've spent hundreds of dollars on.

This is the downside of buying DRM locked media. Educating themselves would have prevented this, but now a quick DRM stripping programming will release them from their shackles

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Gee, this couldn't be a way for apple to admit finally that android is hugely popular and they're starting to feel the effects of it, could it??

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Google Play Music & the Amazon Kindle Fire are killing iTunes revenue. If Amazon releases a phone, Apple will be in trouble. I would never buy one, but I have a few Kindle Fire loving friends that would!

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How about Google brings Play Music to Canada.. Mind you I know it's more the fault of Canadian rights holders and yadadada.. I JUST WANT ONE SERVICE!

Please happen...all my digital movies accessed through android...yes please!

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OK Google Now; please reject Apples iTunes app from the Play Store. (Just like Apple won't let the AC app on their store)

In all seriousness, one of the only things keeping my friend from dumping his iPhone for a Galaxy 4 or 5 is he won't give up iTunes (for some stupid reason). So this could actually be good for Android but bad for iOS.....

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While you can play your Google Play Music on IOS you cannot purchase from the store directly on your IOS devices. It would be weird, but welcome to have iTunes as an option for purchasing music on your Android device, but I wonder if Apple would open the ability to purchase music and movies from Google Play on their devices. That would call for a rewrite in their policies which in turn would open the doors for Amazon as well. I would be cool with iTunes on Android as another source of content since I occassionaly purchase stuff now through the desktop client and resync to my Google Play account.

Google could sell through the iOS Play Music and Play Movies and TV apps but Google chooses not to because if they did they would have to share revenue with Apple. Something they don't want to do.

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They might as well what they have to lose I'll keep on using play music but I think apple needs to see you can make money on both sides just like Google is

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ITunes has a much better, clearer and simple collection of music. I've found Google play doesn't have half the songs and albums that iTunes does. Also agree with all the comments about imessage, face time etc. That is a HUGE advantage apple has. If you haven't used imessage before then you just can't possibly compare it to hangouts. Not even in the same bag these two. imessage kills it.

The amazing Note 3!

Someone makes a tad bit sense in here. If they ever release i message i wouldnt mind paying for it honestly. I have a lot of family that use it.

LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat

But...but... Android users are poor and don't buy things with their phones.

Remember the butthurt over Instagram coming to Android? It would be worth it just to see the iFlamers go bizarro.

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Apple should open up iOS so I can run iOS on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. (best phone in the world but Android OS and TW launcher really suck like yesterday's chihuahuas)

I hope you mean just the TW Launcher because android os as a whole certainly does not suck

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TouchWiz is bad.

Android is by far the best mobile platform.....

Idk why on Earth you'd want to throw IOS on your handset. Just get a new launcher dude

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If, God forbid, iTunes somehow makes its way to Android, will it suck as bad as it does on my computer? Any time I would launch the slow awkward thing it would crash my printer. Of course there is no printer connected to my Android products, but that is the sort of carp that I see from iTunes.

Personally,I'm over iTunes and have been for many years. It would be nice to see it on Android, though.

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True. Apple has been working on the catalog for longer, and some of the deals that Apple has already struck probably make it difficult for other companies to get the streaming rights. There are still people out there (especially in the US) who buy into this notion that "everybody" has an iPhone and so there's no reason to support anything except iOS.

I either stream a la TuneInRadio or download through torrents I don't pay for music anymore. I hate iTunes :(

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Just pay for a All Access or Spotify or Beats Music or Deezer or even Xbox music. Much better than torrents.

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None of those services are lossless uncompressed audio. I need my FLAC brah

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Vastly superior in terms of look, feel and operation, even if not in terms of library. But, hey, that's why I have to option of uploading my own music, too :)

And people like to think that Apple doesn't sell services. The bean counters waited till the last possible second. Better late than never.

In related news, Gramophone Inc are considering releasing a record player app which allows you to play your old vinyl on Android.

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This would certainly be a positive result for Android; the Play store has come on in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, but having a platform as a rich and diverse as iTunes also available, would be great for choice and great for competition.

If the app is as bad and problematic as their desktop version then no thank you! They really need to pull their socks up there - there should not be as many issues still happening.

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Google play music is not available in my country whilst iTunes is (both for music and movies), so I would not mind this one bit if I could have access to iTunes on my Android device without doing all the work arounds that I currently have to do to synch my iTunes music to my phone.

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XD Wasn't expecting to see this headline...

Personally, I don't care. iTunes is more of a headache than helpful. And I've come to like the simplicity and minimalist style of Google's Play Music app.

I'd rather see the iPhone running android instead of having iTunes available on android

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You actually probably wouldn't like Android running on an iPhone, unless it was very super optimized. The iPhone really doesn't have terribly powerful hardware. People love to show benchmarks indicating that iOS is "faster" but they forget that 1) iOS is a *much* simpler OS and 2) iOS is extremely optimized to run on one particular phone. Even the prior year model always has performance and battery issues the following year, when they upgrade to the new version of iOS, because it's really only designed to run on the newest iPhone hardware.

I don't understand the article. The competition on every single area is much higher on iOS, and the baby iTunes Radio already surpassed Spotify on the US.

But I doubt that Apple will do that. For starters, The majority of Android phones being sold rarely use the internet, as lots of data, from various companies can show us.

Then... iTunes for Windows sold iPods, then iPhones, then more Macs. iTunes for Android wouldn't sell nothing.

lol. How very close-minded. "Rarely use the internet"? Really? Now, if you look at the data "per capita" then, yes, you don't see as much Android internet usage due to all of the Android devices sold in "emerging markets" where they don't have good access to the internet. The data is significantly different if you compare just US data. In general, "rarely" seems like a silly word to use in terms of internet access on a smart phone.

I rarely use iTunes on my Macs so I don't know how much I would use it on my Android phone. It does have a lot of content but it is a memory suck! Spinning beach ball the minute you click to open it. Ain't nobody got time for that! I still have quite a bit of stuff in iTunes that I can't use because of the old drm crap they had years ago. Plus they took away the option to convert to non-drm format.

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Great news for Apple and Android users! However I will stick to Google Music. I'm not a fan of iTunes in any shape or form sadly. Otherwise the service is fine I bet.

Does that mean we get to run an iTunes store on our phones or that we will be able to sync our phones to iTunes on our computers

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Well it makes much sense, especially from where I'm at (Philippines.) Simply because the stuff available from the iTunes catalogue is much more complete (Books, Movies, Music, Apps) and a second-to-none FREE podcasting solution (I'm not downing Pocket Casts and the like or anything, but why on Android do we have to pay for the same [level of] privileges iOS users have for free?) than with Google's (Literally only Apps and Books from Google Play)

Android is the junk market according to Tim Cook, so he can keep his iTunes all to himself, I have no interest in anything Apple.

If Apple makes a iTunes Store for Android you'll probably just be able to buy music,videos and TV shows from your Android device and it will automatically download on your iOS device

Making iTunes available on Android will help those who have heavily invested in the Apple infrastructure justify a switch from iPhones/iPads to Android devices.

If I were Google: make Apple agree to to this if they drop all law suits pending now and in the future.

Would you guys want someone to sue you in 2012 - then in 2014 want to make Money off you, When there profits are down.
Tell Apple - No!

If you can't beat'em... Do whatever you can to stay in the game.... Thanks but No thanks.

Android Nation

Well played Apple...starting to lose your popularity huh? You shouldn't sue someone and then knock on their door for help!

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Wouldn't be surprised but I'd be disappointed if this was all they did. I think there are better things they could make cross platform. I don't think iTunes is a forward looking business.

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I will never forget the day I ditched iTunes' ecosystem for Play Music. I couldn't take it anymore.. there was just always so much more work than there should have been. It was so liberating, and I've never looked back.

No thanks. If I wanted iTunes on my phone, I'd use an iPhone. I have no desire to give Apple any more of my money.

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It would be great to see this happening..I usually buy all my music on itunes and would love to be able to listen to them on my Galaxy phone without needing to use a third party app.but then again we are talking about apple here...

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I think this would be awesome, but it seems very far-fetched. Some is not in the business of humbling itself.

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I hope amazon follow with their prime videos. I'd like to keep prime after the hike but won't do it without propper android support for their videos since the video is a large part of the price.

As for itunes I don't think it will happen. If it did it would be similar to Amazon's app store and side loaded.

They are about 7 years too late. I would have stayed with iTunes back when I had an ipod, but I've moved on, no chance I'll go back now

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I think a move like this would be less about the actual revenue stream and more about market share. Apple's hardware sale profits still eclipse what they make selling music (or apps), but a 40% market share of digital music distribution gives them leverage to influence that market and others. As things skew more and more towards mobile they'd lose that leverage if people can't buy music from them in two out of every three phones out there. Convincing all major studios to go ahead and sell most of their catalogs for 0.99c (and later to drop DRM, although others did that first) is still one of Apple's/Jobs' largest achievements, more so than any piece of hardware. Pixar would be a close second for Jobs... ;)

This will significantly help cross platform users (such as myself) and those who are transitioning from iOS to Android. I have talked to a lot of people who buy iPod touches or keep their old iPhone and just use it over WiFi because of iTunes.

I prefer to buy CDs or get digital music from Amazon since its in MP3 format and works anywhere without the need to convert it but some music is only available digitally and is often exclusive (at least at first) to iTunes. I use iTunes to manage my collection on my computer, convert what I have to and upload my collection to Google Play All Access (pinning songs I listen to a lot to the device) and synced to an iPod Classic for those situations when streaming isn't practical.

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Never ever will I use iTunes. Android for life. Besides I've found so much of what I want via the Play Store anyway.

Android users would love iTunes on Android because the Android music apps are all so poor. But the lack of a good music app on Android is a major driver of iPhone sales so it's almost inconceivable that Apple would port iTunes to Android. But maybe they've calculated that the increase in music sales will offset the loss in iPhone sales.

What would actually happen is that Android users would use iTunes as their music app but not buy any music from iTunes. With the ability to store Pandora and Spotify tracks as MP3s users have accumulated vast libraries of music and aren't going to pay 99¢/track for more.

There are loads of good music apps on Android - That's the beauty of Android with the ability and freedom to customise it ...As of now if you want to buy your music via Google Play Music and use the Google Play Music app you have very easy access to your entire music library .... You can have your library on up to ten device as long as you don't play at the same time on multiple devices and it really is the easiest way to organise and play your music on any android device... Apple have tried too long to control its customers ... The trend of late is a vote for freedom and ease of use ......

Let's see if Google would force them to use their IAP system for purchasing iTunes music, like Apple does on their platform.