The AOSP has been tagged as 4.2.1 r1.2, and the small change log lists a few interesting bug fixes. Version JOP40G will have some power management fixes as well as a tweak to the way an EXT4 partition handles file creation. These fixes are not device specific, so they will affect the Nexus 10, Nexus 7, and Nexus 4. We imagine the Galaxy Nexus will also see the benefits of this build.

In a nutshell -- some folks had issues where their device would shut off when removed from the charger, and these changes should address those. No word on when to expect an update, or if one is planned for this tag. There's plenty of bugs to squash in 4.2.1, and like we have seen with every other build of AOSP these things take a little time -- often longer than we would like. Maybe OEMs holding off and not delivering the bleeding edge for their phones isn't such a bad idea, right?

Source: AOSP; via Android Police


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AOSP updated to revision 1.2, build JOP40G


All I need is for them to fix the camera. That delay when I rotate the orientation drives me nuts. Also, I put a video online yesterday that was upside down when not viewed on my phone because I was holding it in landscape, but by turning it to the right. That's really my only complaint about 4.2 so far.

I have to reboot my Gnex 1-2 times a day, lately 3-4 due to the amount of bugs in 4.2.1, I wish they'd fix it already.

Quote: Maybe OEMs holding off and not delivering the bleeding edge for their phones isn't such a bad idea, right?

Answer: No.

There is no such thing as a fully debugged program. Waiting for one to come along is pointless. Anything that gets through Alpha and Beta test is good enough, as long as updates come along later to clean up the most egregious straggler bugs.

The fear of updates, and the handwringing over the supposed cost of them is what keeps OEMs and Carriers from pushing them out, thereby abandoning some (small) portion of the user-base, and condemning them to suffer the rare bugs.

Precisely. Furthermore, there's a big difference between "not delivering the bleeding edge" and the shamble that is the current state of OEM updates.

If I never own a non-Nexus phone again it'll be too soon.

Well, 4.2 broke bluetooth streaming/audio/usability for a lot of people.

Imagine all the regular users of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus who use their phone for those functions.

Imagine trying to explain to them how, "Yeah, the update broke functionality, but Google will fix it when they release another patch for it months from now."

The regular person doesn't care about version numbers. They do care about how well their phone works, and from a business standpoint, pushing out an update to a device that already works as intended to get a few bleeding edge features at the cost of functionality is just silly. I wouldn't selfishly expect an update to my phone just because I want the latest version of Android, at the cost of causing problems for that larger portion of the user-base.

There are a lot of people out there with a Verizon Nexus that don't know what Android Central is, or even XDA for that matter.

More important issues are at hand, like why Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile are still getting away with blocking Google Wallet, which will function just fine on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, yet Verizon won't allow us to install it. Even more problematic is the now absurd amount of NFC equipped devices out there that are capable of using Wallet, and they don't even have access to it.

Looks like it's already been merged into CyanogenMod code. Hopefully we'll see an update soon wince they haven't pushed out a nightly build for the Nexus 4 since Thursday.

Hard to believe they wouldn't fix the Bluetooth issues. Hate to say, but I can understand carriers not pushing an ota with that unresolved.

Yeah the bluetooth bug is quite ridiculous. How long has it been, 3 months now since the last update botched bluetooth? Hopefully we don't have to wait another 3 months for KLP till we get the fix.

And from what I understand the bluetooth high frequency distortion effects all 4.2/4.2.1 devices. The people who say it doesn't either a. Don't notice it, or b. Don't use bluetooth audio.

Only 4.2.1 bug I have is that if I charge the phone off my computer's USB port overnight, it'll cause the phone to shut itself down.

There's a Nexus 4 camera bug I hope is addressed.

If you move your finger in any direction before letting go of the blue button, the flash stays on forever and doesn't allow you to take pictures until you restart the phone...

Very cool, thanks!

Playing around with it, I found out changing the setting to HDR (turns off the flash) and changing back to normal mode lets you use the camera app again as normal! :)

the only minor bug i see with 4.2.1 on my G-Nex is every once in a while my pattern lock is briefly frozen when i try to unlock the phone. i think it has something to do with the new lockscreen widget feature.

I added the 4.2 camera to my stock 4.1.1 rooted vzw gnex (via the ac forums - thank you) and am happy. Bluetooth issues scared me off 4.2 since I use that in the car every day. Comments here are reinforcing that decision. Vzw being behind (or totally done with) updates might have worked for users for once.

I would like them to bring back USB mass storage as at the moment it is impossible to copy or move files out of my nexus 4 easily.

Try the free airdroid app. Its what I use to move files around. Definately works better than MTP USB.

Funny. I am using the version just released on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus with absolutely no issues regarding bluetooth stereo or such. I was using my jabra sp700 through the car stereo and all music and phone calls were flawless.