44 devices receive the second major Android 4.2.2-based AOKP release

A little more than 3 months after its first Android 4.2.2-based milestone, the ever-growing-in-popularity custom ROM AOKP gets its second stable release, Milestone 2. The Android Open Kang Project ROM is now available on 44 different devices, including new devices such as variants of the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and Sony Xperia. Notable new features include:

  • AOKP Ribbon
  • Permission management
  • Dark AOKP
  • mGerrit – check our latest changes anytime
  • Persistence support – keep DPI/hosts settings between wipes
  • Quick Torch on Lockscreen
  • HDR mode in AOSP Camera (does not work on every device)
  • Few new Toggles – StayAwake, Custom, Sleep, Reboot, etc.
  • Superuser from Koush

If we see Android 4.3 at a certain upcoming event, this may be the final AOKP milestone based on Android 4.2.2. As the last of the device builds are compiled and uploaded, they will become available through AOKPush and the AOKP website. Follow the source link below for download links and mirrors.

Source: AOKP


Reader comments

AOKP Milestone 2 now available to the masses


Many people love the features AOKP provides that CM doesn't. Also, battery life is pretty subjective; it depends on what everyone does with their phone. "Better" can't be isolated to just some cases — it has to fit all of them.

So true, CM may be nice but it's not for everyone. Not everyone likes the same thing, that's why there are different ROMs out there for the same device. One works better then the other but that's up to the device owner to decide. Everyone likes different type of customization.

Love Pure AOKP... :-)
Just being able to Expand your Desktop and Center your Clock, Theme your Navbar, Theme your Statusbar.... And On & On & On.... It's Android.. why would Anyone not Root their Unlocked Phone? Unless you are stuck with a Locked Boot..

I love me some AOKP. Running it on my vzw nexus, and my kindle.. I'll be installing this on my phone tomorrow..

Am I missing something here. The ROM is 175 mb yet my current ROM runs in at just under a gig ... Do I need to flash anything else or is this it? I'm on an HTC One btw, S-On.

Sense and TouchWiz ROMs have a ton of resources in them. AOSP ROMs are tiny compared to them. You're not missing anything! Just make sure you download GApps as well to flash after you flash the ROM.

I wish AVCRP didn't get pulled by Sammy in 4.2 for the GNex. I had to go back to 4.1. I'm hoping a stable 4.3 ROM comes quick since it will be built into Android itself from that point on.

I used to live running aokp but I got tired of all the bugs and persistently horrid battery life. Probably a great ROM for others but didn't play nice with my N4 so I went with CM 10.1.2. To each their own I guess.

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