White Zomebie

It's long been believed that Google's Nexus One was named after a class of robots in Phil K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (enough so that Dick's family has accused Google of trademark violations). But astute AC reader Roger has come up with an alternative theory:

I was listening to music on my DROID this morning and came across the song
"More Human than Human" by White Zombie. About 3:25 in the song he actually says "I am the nexus one." I get the definition of Nexus One and the idea
behind it, but then it hit me. Android? More Human than Human? Nexus One in
the lyrics. I see a relationship, you?

Indeed, we do, Roger. Indeed we do. (Though more likely Mr. Zombie cribbed from the same material.)


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Another theory behind the Nexus One name


Mr. Zombie refers to all kinds of cult and classic literature in his music. The term 'More human than human' is Nietzsche if I remember correctly, and may be older than that. I do believe in this song he is specifically referring to Mr. Dick's novel.

hahahaha! Perhaps, if we dig into ancient history, saaaaay Sanskrit papayrus? Perhaps, we can find a third meaning planted into our culture by aliens? ;) (I crack myself up).


Yep, that White Zombie song is based on exactly the same material, so it's all from the same place.

Someone should make an app for the Nexus One called "Electric Sheep" that simply shows sheep jumping over a fence while a counter keeps track at the bottom. You can use it to help your self fall asleep, or it can be like a screen saver for your Nexus One... then it would REALLY be a complete reference to Dick. ;-)

(And in case anyone doesn't get it, it's because the original story is called "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep".)

Every time I see this kind of thing I have to laugh. I don't know if it's a generational thing or what but it seems most people just don't remember the movie "Bladerunner" or the book, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep". It's quite simple really and requires no thinking at all. Nexus was the product line of androids made by the Tyrell corporation. By the time frame of the movie the current Nexus is number 6. This is so utterly know that if you asked Rob Zombie, he'd say that he got the name from the movie too! "More Human that human" is a reference to the Tyrell corp. motto from the movie. come on people, really.

Oh, and here's another thing I think is funny: You know that "Android" character that Google uses as a logo for Android? It's not even ANDROID! It's a ROBOT! An android specifically means it's made to look like a human. It's the only thing that separates a robot from an android.

in my experience, Google have never really try to be too mysterious or fancy with their brandings/product naming. and i would apply that theory to the Nexus One naming as well. in addition to the recently rumored Nexus Two A.K.A. Moto. Shadow it seems the word 'One' is just an indication to the continuation of the Nexus series under Google. and Nexus by definition is just simply: a joint or connection, which is exactly what Google wants to promote: the Google connection. Simple and straight-forward. there's nothing mysterious about it and it shouldn't be.

We'll see what happens when Google gets to the 5th and 6th models of the Nexus. I believe those are specifically used in the book and in Blade Runner. I'm guessing the phone line won't survive that long.

+1 to ngrava talking about the Android mascot actually being a robot!

Well the whole song is about Blade Runner the movie based on the Dick novel so they are the same theory.