Droid 3 with keyboard

It was just earlier today that we got our first glimpse of the rumored but not-yet-announced Droid 3. It showed off just the front of the phone and was missing one of the aspects that distinguishes the Droid, Droid 2 and Droid 3 from a lot of other high-end Android phones: the keyboard. 

Well, another photo has emerged on the same forum, showing the keyboard and it looks pretty slick. Keep in mind that this is all just speculation at this point, but it can keep us drooling in the meantime. What do you think of the look and keyboard? Does it entice owners of the first and second generation original Droids or other devices enough to switch? [Howard Forums]


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Another picture surfaces of the 'Droid 3', shows off keyboard


I love that it has a dedicated number row! (You guys really need a better spam filter as 90% of the time I post a comment it thinks its spam)

The number row was the first thing I cheered about as well! More rows of keys means bigger screen! If it has the Bionic published sppecs or better then I will hang on to my OG Droid until this comes out.

Agreed on the spam filter, but at least it lets you get through by doing a CAPTCHA now... Before it just didn't post your comment and told you to eff off...

I would assume that it is because Moto said that their "top" phones would get the web top experience like the Atrix.

Give me some specs on par with the Bionic (or better) and that will be my next phone. I'd love a super powered phone without the giant screen. I have a computer and a Nook for larger screens -- give me something with some muscle in a slightly smaller screen and I am good to go....

It doesn't work that way, Motoblur is always running no matter what launcher you use, and Motoblur bogs down the system.


What's the point? Still looks like the 1st and 2nd ones. I think they should of at least changed the design...it's boring now.

Hmmm....and what would you suggest? Triangle shape? Circular? How about making it look like "other phones"? Dude...its a phone, not a status symbol. FUNCTION is a little more important than FORM.

Then go buy an iPhone :)

I personally think this is sexy, even though I kind of wish they'd go back to the roots of the original moto droid. I loved how heavy and sturdy it was.

I think he wants them to change it up a bit more. The Merge, Epic 4G, etc. all look different even though they are all sliders. The Droid is too boxy and has an extremely out of date design. The Droid Keyboard is amongst the worst, stop acting like they can't do more to improve it. Spacing out the buttons would have been a good start.

So...all phones should look/feel the same? The Droid is what it is...a boxy, somewhat industrial-looking phone. If you want something smoother, get one of the ones you've mentioned.

BTW...I now (unfortunately) have to carry an iSheep 4 for work. Personally, I think that my Moto Droid feels *much* better in the hand...the curved sides are much more comfortable to hold than the slab-straight sides of the competition.

I will agree with you on the keyboard, though. The best phone keyboard I've ever had was the one on my G1. It's great to see a number row, but I wish they'd go away from the membrane design.

With 5 rows of keys, the phone and therefore the screen must be larger. Droid2 keyboard with the DroidX screen would make for an awesome phone.

Finally.....this can't get here soon enough!! Love my Original Droid but it is time now to move on to a bigger screen, faster processor and hopefully a front facing camera. Never had a problem with my keyboard. Don't know why everyone complains about it....I can text/type just as fast as on my old Voyager keyboard which was great too. All a matter of getting used to which took all of about an hour. Only thing I missed was the designated number row of keys which by the looks of this they added...YAY! I will def be purchasing Droid 3 as soon as it hits.

Things looking great for far
- Black (Double Check)
- HDMI\USB (Check)
- Motorola built quality (Check)
- 1+ GHz CPU (granted)
- QWERTY (5-rows) (bonus)

I guess i'll wait & see
The summer looks like a year away for me , can't wait

Good gawd people, what is it with all of you saying "the form is so tired"..."Im bored with the style"??? Its a phone!!! WTF do you want it to look like?? Like I said in a reply earlier, FUNCTION would mean WAY MORE than FORM! All of you "FORM" people probably dont even use HALF of your phone capabilities because you carry it to look cool. If the form is so tiring, then make suggestions as to what you would think make it better and let the masses comment and judge on your ideas, otherwise, your opinion and comments are useless.

I would be a bit paturbed about already seeing a Droid 3 when the D2G came out only a few months ago. The keyboard still looks like it has a flimsy plastic cover over the buttons I was hoping to see solid individual keys.

And yet no LTE. (Assuming bmx's info pans out->) Why put out a device that's *almost* flagship, then utterly neuter the whole POINT of the device-the radio?

/can you tell i REALLY wanted the D3 to be LTE?

lmao i dont understand how ppl are complaining about the design.
I think it looks a lot better than the OG droid and the Droid 2.
It is a particular line of a particular phone(Og droid, Droid 2/Droid global, and now this Droid 3). So i don't see why they need to drastically change their design. This is slightly different variation from the others while still having the design and look that says oh thats definitely a droid. Phones like the mytouch line(3g, 3g headphone, fender, slide and 4g) and the iphone variants all look basically the same yet there is a slight differentiation in them all but you can still tell they are different but an iphone or a mytouch

Loving the dedicated numbers here... Now if the Internals are top notch i'm all in.. Give me a 1ghz processor (dual core), 1gb ram, stock gingerbread with no blur (as promised in tweet), and no vzw bloat and i'm all good... oh lte wouldn't hurt my feelings either :)

The point is that it can't go on forever with the same phone. How many phones get a version 3? Version 2 is usually the end. Droid 2 JYST came out.

Whoop...There it is!

Finally, a proper replacement phone for my OG Droid. The dedicated number row is really all I have ever wanted that my Droid didn't have, and now its finally on the horizon... Hopefully coming to Verizon! I have always salivated over the Epic's keyboard, but can't jump to sprint because of their coverage (or lack there of) in my area.

If they mate that keyboard to a top end processor, 4.3 or bigger screen, newest O.S. (or upgradable to whatever is about to come out next) and jam a big ol' honkin' battery in that beast to give it true all day life that everyone wants/needs... I'll be first in line for this one! Somehow I think I am going to be disappointed about my battery request/needs...Still. But am looking forward to all the other anticipated upgrades... Especially that keyboard.

& I quote :
"Should a phone be pretty ? Should a phone be a clueless tiara wearing beauty -pagen- queen ?
No , a phone is a ROBOT , a blazing fast , like a race horse docket in rocket ..."

if it has stock android it would be impressive. i am still down with the OG Droid. i am also not liking that they went away from the tim burton batman styling cues. i liked the brass/gold colors of the OG Droid. it stood out more and made it feel more manly and rugged. speaking of rugged this thing is tank. my friend is like why dont you have a case on it. i responded cause its made of metal and not glass like your fragile iphone. then i asked him if we could slide the phones across his carpet and bang them against each other like when we did with our tonka trucks when was kids. (last week)

Now THAT could be the phone I go running back to Verizon for!!! I love all of these new Android designs but I am having such a hard time parting with the QWERTY-comfort of my BlackBerry. If this guy matches the Atrix (I don't even care if it's only 3G--I'll buy it on a 1-year contract since no LTE here yet) specs with that Keyboard Moto and Verizon have a winner.

Exterior looks fine to me. As long as the interior specs match that of the Droid Bionic, I will definitely consider the Droid 3 as my next phone. Otherwise I'm thinking the Droid Bionic as my next phone.

I see a front-facing cam :) Skype please. I was all wound up about the Thunderbolt, but if this shows up with stock Android, a Tegra chipset, and LTE before Verizon cuts off that beautiful unlimited data for $29.99 dealio.. oh, and an unlocked bootloader, that last one would be the killer, then yeah, I'm sold.

I really like how the number row is smaller than the rest of the keyboard, to give room for the letters, because you will be using those much more than the number row. :)

Looks good I was thinking about thunderbolt but I like my og droid. Does look like a hdmi port, I hope that is a front facing camera and not the new message light. Keyboard looks good just hope its made better my og driod sucks it bubbles because I text a lot and its held on with glue and letters break off so I end up getting a replacement about every 3 months. My keyboards bubbled as I type this righnow lol.

I like it, I like it a lot. On a few of the forums users are screaming out for stock android and open bootloaders but that wont happen otherwise you would have the option when you buy your phone off sim.

I just hope that the specs are good enough to remove the tiny lag you get with all android phones which I hear is what dual core can do because the iPhone wont have a challenger until the little things like lag are gone. For me these things matter very little and I love my Droid 2/Milestone 2 and it either this or the Atrix for my next phone.

My Realistic Hopes:

Dual Core 1Ghz Plus
1GB of ram Plus
Tegra 2 or above
Front facing camera
and a fat ass Battery 1900 milli amps

Please Santa... Pleeeeeeeeease

bummer to see them change the form factor so you can no longer use the old car docks and what not.
but maybe its a move in the direction of universal webtop docks.
it has always upset me that charging docks are device specific, unlike what the fruity side has for their after market options.

I still have my OG Droid, and I've only got about 4 months until I can upgrade. This is tempting, but only on two conditions. One, vanilla Android (though this one's iffy, I can use LauncherPro). Two, leave it open like you used to. That's the reason I have and love my non-girly phone. Never wanted it to be pretty, just functional and awesome. It's also why we all rushed to buy it back in the day, "open."

A girl can dream, right?

Since my thumbs (and apparently the whole rest of my body) are far to fat for a traditional black slab, I require a physical keyboard. The #1 thing that pisses me off about my OG is trying to input numbers. A 5TH ROW ON MY NEW DROID???!!! BRILLIANT!!! Way to go moto! You've caught up with HTC from like 6 f'in years ago. Now if only I could stick my dick in it, we'd have a winner...

Nope. Staying w/my D1.

Unless it can make coffee, new for the sake of new aint enough to have me reach for my wallet. And seriously... what does it do thats so different from what ive got now?

I am not switching froom my Droid 2 until they combine all the following features:
1. Global coms
2. 4.3 inch display
3. Five row keyboard as depicted (or better)
4. Front facing video camera
5. HDMI output

I think the design is fine - it's an evolution of the philosophy from Droid 1.
Think Porsche 911 - even though they play with the design with every model - it's still recognizably a 911.

If you want another form factor - there are plenty out there - just under different model names. If you want a Moto Droid - a keyboard is what you should expect.

LOVE the 5 row keyboard.
I'm hoping the keys are individual rather than an overlay like D1/D2.
Atrix innards would be nice.
4" plus display would be awesome.
Like the HDMI out.
Not too fussed over front camera.
The only other thing I'd really like out of D3 is a GOOD rear camera. 8mp with good optics and software to back it up. The 5mp cameras in D1/D2 are pretty bad.

Oh - and I hope they don't tone down the all-metal solidity of the thing. I think that is a standout feature of my phone.