Angry Birds Space

Been waiting for the latest Angry Birds Space update to roll out on Android? Of course you have. You already beat all the levels and have been playing through them repeatedly while you wait for the Utopia update to arrive. Now is your time to shine though, you can now update and get yourself 10 new levels to plow through courtesy of the folks at Rovio. Make sure you gather up some snacks for when you are playing though, Utopia is a junk food inspired level so you may get kind of hungry while bouncing birds off of jelly trampolines.

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HAAS599 says:

Would have been cool if they had "The Simpsons" levels but I'll take what I can get.

mcaples says:

That was A LITTTLE slo-o-o-w...beat the 10 last night (only 1 star away from perfect)

kinster02 says:


mcaples says:

p.s...the crossing through of market place and the "after the break" stuff...not that cool...originality in blog writing is RARE...just sayin'...root this!!!...HA!!!!!

icebike says:

Its not meant to be original, its just a feature of the blog software they use. The purpose is to keep front page stories short and the clutter off of them. It also assures you will see twice the number of ads.