When the Amazon Appstore launched, one of the big stories was that it offered an exclusive copy of the new game Angry Birds Rio, the latest installment of the popular Rovio series. 

It seems as if that exclusivity is coming to an end this week, as Rovio announced Angry Birds Rio will be coming to the Android Market for free and will be ad-supported. They say as soon as they fix a couple bugs, it will be released. If you're one who cares about ads, the ad-free version is still available over at Amazon. 

This is great news for international users who can't access Amazon's Appstore yet. Don't worry, you'll be able to play Angry Birds again soon! [Facebook]


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Angry Birds Rio coming to the Android Market this week


ahh how i hate ads...whenever i play angrybirds and dont want to deal with ads, i just put my phone in airplane internet connection means no ads and smoother it dosent bother me as much since im usually underground in the train playing angry birds so no ads =)

OR you could just download the "Free apps of the day"

Right now, Angry Birds Seasons is out for free, AD-FREE! and so is Angry Birds Rio AD-FREE for free.

Amazon appstore has been greatness to premium shazam, free swiftkey, free ad-free angry birds.

Love it.

Thank God! I really didn't like the idea of having to have 2 app stores on my phone. It's not Amazon's fault but I rather be a purist. If you want free apps that bad...I'm sorry but spare a buck or two for the developers.

That would be nice, except that this article is referring to the version on the Android Market and not the Amazon Appstore.

That takes care of the only exclusive app I saw in my five days on the Amazon store. Know what? When I uninstalled the appstore, all the apps I downloaded from there stopped working! Apparently you need the appstore installed and a valid Amazon login just to use the apps you get from there, at least the free ones. Thanks, but I'd rather not have one app that can break all the others.

Rovio seems to be OK with it, as the Amazon App store was advertised in the other versions of Angry Birds. I bought the paid versions of the other two... Now I'm add free on my phone and my Xoom :)

Angry Birds is awesome on the big screen too!

Apple gets ad free, Amazon gets ad free. We get the stupid ad's. I dropped this BS a long time ago. Hope everyone else does the same.

I didn't realize how much Angry Birds with ads sucks until I played the ad-free version from the Amazon Appstore.

I won't even bother with the free versions anymore.

It took me 2 months to notice the ads in angry birds
so who cares about ads
(could always use ad free)

I beat Rio in under 2 hours play time

I bought the Rio installment on the Amazon marketplace and sideloaded it onto my phone. No ads. Yes! (Atrix).

I'm downloading every installment so I don't get that ad crap. We'll see if it works.

That's too bad. If the Amazon app works on your phone, you can download the app (any app) and sideload it to your phone without having to search for the apk.

Rovio is so full of bird poop! As soon as they fix some bugs!? Ha, am I really supposed to believe that? "Bugs" is just another way of saying "Ads."