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A new Android update is rolling out that will add a bit more security when it comes to apps that may harm your device. The update from Google intends to make sure that apps installed on your device — from Google Play or elsewhere — are playing nice and "behaving in a safe manner". Currently the system scans applications at the time you install them, but now it will continuously check all the apps on your device, even after they've been installed.

With the update, users with potentially harmful apps will see an alert on their device, at which time they can take proper action. While bad apps & installs are rare, those who download apps from third-party sources outside of Google Play may see them more often. By continuously checking the apps after they've been installed, Google can now look for new malware code that may already be on your device as well.

Google notes that the new update won't necessarily keep users from installing bogus apps though, such as fake virus scanners or the $3.99 Virus Shield which did nothing to protect users whatsoever.

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Android update coming with regular malware scans


Google invented their very own "Lookout" and if you want to use Google Services, this will be part of the framework.

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Too late Google. Enterprises already have a fixed view of Android being malware filled laggy fragmentation. You guys took too long to fix it

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Except that view was never true or valid to begin with.

"Fragmentation" is not really an issue since Google broke the Play Services API out of the OS itself, so that they could push new API versions independently of new versions of Android. Now, it really doesn't matter what version of Android you're on.

As for "malware filled" that's just media FUD talking. Don't believe everything you read online. What most of those articles out there talking about "viruses" on Android neglect to mention that you really only get those if you download apps from illegal pirate app stores. Just like on a PC.

Too late? Nah they're probably doing it to put a cork people's mouths like you saying Android is full of viruses when its not.

Nexus 5...enough said

Stop regurgitating what u read on blogs. Fragmentation has very little to do with Google Play services but everything to do with specs and carrier bloatware.

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I've been using android for three years on various devices..and never have i got any type of malware despite even sideloading a lot.. You trolls are ridiculous!

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Exactly what I thought! There are not really viruses for Android at all, you may catch some fishing site or low level malware browsing the internet, but installing an AV on your Android device is everything, but overkill.

I've just been thinking to myself as well... I haven't ever come across a single virus or anything malicious in the 4 years I've been using Android phones. Maybe I've got God's hand on my shoulder... but I very much doubt that it has anything to do with that.

Funny my parents iPad can't download any new apps because it is stuck on iOS5 and Apple will not update it beyond that. Talk about fragmentation.

Weird the way these types of post almost always start with the phrase "Too Late" or "Too Bad"
It must be a standard in the Anti-Android Handbook

Really? Many organizations, including mine, are embracing BYOD, so they really don't care what you carry, as long as you have it password-protected. And where I work, at least, there's more interest from the tech guys in what Android is doing. iOS is seen as nice but way too restrictive.

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Dude.. Really?

That argument is so 2010.. What always amazes me is that iPhone fanboys still troll Android based forums..

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Lookout security an app that came pre loaded on my HTC one already does this now I'll have two things scanning my apps

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You should be able to turn it off, even if you can't outright uninstall it. If it can't be uninstalled, hopefully HTC will put out an update to "remove" it.

Of course, you could always root and remove it yourself. This is one of the problems with OEM's shipping these apps "baked into" their OS.

Whats the best antivirus android app? I currently use Look Out but wanted to see if there is something better out there.

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+1 I sure hope there is an option to turn this off (don't need it). It's MY device (just like my Windows systems), I should have a choice whether this type of "scanning" happens on my device or not! I can see initially on install, but not continuously thereafter.

Get an iPhone, malware is non existant.
If u r poor, and suck at life, enjoy android

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Hi all,

Because Google does not allow ad blocking apps in playstore,when you download one from the developers site,(i have done so safely) the warning I got was a bogus lie. It basically said that the APK "could" be dangerous or damaging to my phone. In truth,it was only damaging to advertisers. Who are allowing malvertizing to proliferat,even Google ads have been taken over and infected people's devices. The first APK that I tried was by Disconnect, who was booted from playstore like adblock was. They are now standard on Black Phone. The other one was by Adgaurd,an early version,and same story,a few weeks in playstore,then the boot. But now, Adgaurd has an add-on that works on Firefox for Android. But Ghostery is also available. I'm not saying you should sideload from unknown sources,because I did my homework and investigated these apps,and the developers thoroughly,so for me,they were no longer unknown. But that Google warning scared me off at first,and that's the point of this post. It is highly disingenuous to make baseless claims to keep people exposed to bad actor's who subvert ad platforms to deliver malware. And Google knows this. That in my book makes them complicit. On Chrome for any laptop or desktop you have access to all kinds of add-ons to protect yourself,but not on mobile,because thats a big money maker for Google. So,now,with Webview being compromised,and being stuck on a lower osx,4.1.1 I am taking all the precautions I can. Avast is also running,and guess what.....they had no problem with Disconnect,or Adgaurd,and Malwarebytes mobile agreed.