Nikon Coolpix S800c

We're eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Android-powered Nikon Coolpix S800c 16-megapixel point-and-shoot camera. Thus far, the only pre-seller we've found is New York's B&H Photo (if you've got one you prefer, let us know in the comments), which is matching Nikon's list price of $349 outright. (No two-year contracts for this Wifi-only device. Huzzah!)

What we've been missing so far is any sort of sales date. B&H is now showing Sept. 28 as the expected date of availability.   So, we wait a month and a half, we suppose. 

More: B&H

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gregmcph says:

They are the hot young people in front of you.
You're just the nerd with an Android camera.

I pre-ordered one! Fuckit!

Cubfan says:

Actually, I think Samsung has the better approach. Half the price for a camera with wifi and an Android app that receives the photo on your phone.

MowDownJoe says:

I don't get why Gingerbread. At least do ICS. That way, the gallery has access to various filters.

jeffreytz says:

Wish it had a SIM slot so I could upload pictures on the fly over T-MO or StraighTalk.